Media Fail: Only 24% Believe Zimmerman Motivated By Race

Media Fail: Only 24% Believe Zimmerman Motivated By Race

We now have a fourth poll proving the media’s George Zimmerman obsession has and continues to be a disaster for the media (and left). Two polls released Wednesday show that less than 40% disagree with the jury’s verdict, and an earlier poll proves that 76% of  people aren’t all that interested in the trial. Now we have a poll that shows that only 24% believe Zimmerman was motivated by race in the fatal shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin.

The poll also finds that only 21% believe the Justice Department should charge Zimmerman with a hate crime, and that a clear majority, 54%, believe Zimmerman’s motives that night were pure; that he was concerned about crime in his community.

What this shows is that the media’s ongoing racial obsession — which is based on absolutely no evidence — has failed miserably. Moreover, after 15 months of lies, fabricated evidence, race-baiting, and selective reporting, the media failed to prove they have the clout to convince more than 21% of the public that Zimmerman was motivated by race.

Undoubtedly, the media are looking at a small boost in ratings, and the idea that fabricating a racist narrative solidifies the Democrat base, and thinking that alone makes their Zimmerman obsession worthwhile. But the long-term damage the media are doing to what is left of their credibility probably won’t be worth it in the end.

The media’s most important priority is its ability to protect and boost the left-wing cause. But with the media’s credibility goes their ability to persuade, and that 21% number has to be worrisome, even as they charge forward with no choice now that they’re already all-in.



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