Post-Zimmerman: CNN Viewers Drop 32%, HLN 50%

Post-Zimmerman: CNN Viewers Drop 32%, HLN 50%

Considering their previous lows, both CNN and HLN enjoyed respectable viewer gains in the month of July, but the latest ratings that look at a full week of post-Zimmerman trial viewership shows that both networks might be falling back to earth. TV Newser reports that last week, CNN saw its viewership plummet -32%. HLN fared even worse with a -50% drop-off.

Fox News, however, continues to dominate its cable news competition. In all of cable, Fox beat CNN and MSNBC combined during primetime and ranked 4th in total primetime viewers, behind only the USA Network, TNT, and the History Channel.

In total day viewers, Fox News ranked 5th in all of cable.

TV Newser reports that “CNN placed 36th in primetime and 31st in total day, while MSNBC placed 32nd in both categories.”

HLN did not rank in the top 40.

Both CNN and HLN had obviously hoped to hold on to the viewers gained during the Zimmerman trial, but during their coverage both networks likely turned off viewers. On her primetime show, Nancy Grace, the face and star of HLN, demeaned the Hispanic Zimmerman with a racial attack.

CNN, on the other hand, made it official policy to deny Zimmerman his racial heritage, lied about his use of a racial slur, broadcast his private information, and despite the evidence proving the opposite was the case, continued to fabricate the notion that race had something to do with fatal shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin.

This is the second time during big news and with an increase in viewers that CNN has disproven the notion that it is “The Most Trusted Name In News.” During its Boston Marathon bombing coverage, CNN distinguished itself only by its on-air smears of political opponents on the right  and misinformation.



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