That Was Fast: NPR CEO Resigns After 20 Months

That Was Fast: NPR CEO Resigns After 20 Months

When Gary Knell became CEO of National Public Radio (NPR), it was in the wake of James O’Keefe’s hidden video exposé showing the fundraising arm of the publicly funded radio network trashing Republicans and seemingly complicit with receiving donations from a group purportedly aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Knell claimed that his top priority was to “depoliticize” the debate over public radio. Twenty months later, Knell has announced his resignation:  

I will be leaving NPR after my term ends in late fall to join the National Geographic Society as its President and CEO. I was approached by the organization recently and offered an opportunity that, after discussions with my family, I could not turn down.

NPR released a press release claiming Knell will leave in the fall. Knell will “remain with NPR until then to work with the board to ensure a smooth transition as it launches a search for his successor.”

“Gary and the management team have worked effectively to strengthen NPR as a world-class media organization, technological innovator and industry leader,” Kit Jensen, chair of NPR’s board says in that statement. “NPR has built a firm foundation for providing the highest quality journalism and programming. We will be working closely with Gary over the next few months, and deeply appreciate the lasting impact he has made.”