NBC's Chuck Todd Blasts Cruz, Palin: 'What Planet Are You Guys Living On?!'

NBC's Chuck Todd Blasts Cruz, Palin:  'What Planet Are You Guys Living On?!'

On Monday’s “Morning Joe,” NBC’s Chuck Todd describes as “odd” the decision Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin made to attend a Sunday rally that saw war veterans protest against the White House for closing the open-air WWII memorial. “Yesterday it was [Cruz] and Sarah Palin doing this odd protest,” Todd said. “And you’re just sitting there going ‘What planet are you guys– are you living on here?'”

Since when is lending your time, name, and star-power to a veterans’ cause “odd?” I guess, when it might make Barack Obama look bad.

Todd also blasted Cruz for questioning Thursday’s NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, which showed that Republicans are badly losing the shutdown debate (what is “odd” is that the poll did not ask respondents if they blamed Democrats for the shutdown). Todd then uses this single comment from a single Senator to manufacture a premise that attacks everyone on the Tea-Party-right as living in a media bubble.

Note: Although he made his “bubble” comments on a predominantly white show that hosts left-wing elitists who all agree with one another, there is no hint of irony in Todd’s voice:

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The problem with Todd’s unbiased, objective, not-at-all-liberal analysis is that within his own bubble, he mistakenly believes that if those of us in the Tea Party believed the polls, we would surrender to Obama. While I have seen a few question the NBC/WSJ poll, for the most part the political right has accepted its findings but wish to fight on for a myriad of reasons. Probably for the same reason Todd attacks Voter ID laws, although polls show 80% of the American people are in favor of such laws.

For Todd to launch such a sweeping condemnation on such a false premise and base it only on a single poll and Cruz’s single statement, that’s about as bubbled as it gets. And to do it in an environment where you know you will never-ever be challenged is the very definition of living in an echo chamber.

Later on “Morning Joe,” domestic terrorist Bill Ayers was treated with deference and respect while hawking his book.


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