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Senator Manchin Talks To Real Clear Politics, Skips Question On Gun Control

Senator Manchin Talks To Real Clear Politics, Skips Question On Gun Control

When Real Clear Politics (RCP) asked Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) questions about the government shutdown, questionable FDA interaction with pharmaceutical companies, Democrat chances in 2014, and the way he has “injected” himself into debates on Syria, student loans, and gun control, Manchin answered all the questions… except the one on gun control. 

Answering the shutdown question was easy–Manchin just blamed it on Republicans.

When asked about a Washington Post column asserting that the FDA has been charging pharmaceutical companies $25,000 to take part in discussions on painkiller regulations, Manchin displayed impeccable timing by he saying he had “written a letter and sent it…to the [FDA] commissioner” earlier that very day.

Regarding Democrats chances in 2104, Manchin averred that they’re going to win. Regarding Syria, he said we need not make the same mistakes we made in Iraq and Afghanistan. Regarding student loans, he stated he wants to see “everyone paying lower rates.” Regarding the gun control he pushed earlier this year…silence. The Senator had nothing to say.

After answering all the other questions he locked up when it came to talking about the Manchin-Toomey gun control bill and how it would have wiped out private gun sales, destroyed gun shows, and put universal background checks into place, among other nasty externalities. 

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