Dem Senator Disables Embedding for Health Insurance Pledge Video

Dem Senator Disables Embedding for Health Insurance Pledge Video

In 2010 Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) took to YouTube and promised the people of Virginia that he was “not going to support a health care reform plan that’s going to take away health care that you’ve got right now or a health plan that you like.” 

Just like President Obama’s multiple assurances that “if you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance,” Warner’s YouTube assurance is coming back to haunt him. 

Someone in the Senator’s office must be concerned about the fact that blogs and news sites have picked up on the broken pledge and have embedded the video on their sites. If a journalist wishes to highlight the Senator’s broken promise, they can no longer embed the video in their post 

If the video had been embedded before yesterday, readers will see this: 

It appears this is a deliberate attempt to keep journalists from embedding this particular video. A random check of other videos on the Senator’s YouTube account shows that embedding appears to be enabled across the board:  

As a service to journalists and bloggers everywhere, Breitbart News has posted the video in its entirety for you embedding pleasure:  


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