MSNBC Panelist Obeidallah Offers Self-Serving Apology to Romney Family

MSNBC Panelist Obeidallah Offers Self-Serving Apology to Romney Family

Writing for The Daily Beast Tuesday, Dean Obeidallah apologized to the Romney family for his role in an MSNBC segment mocking Mitt Romney’s grandson Kieran over the fact that the adopted baby is black. Obeidallah suggested Kieran is a token, while using the child as a prop to rip the GOP. “I think this picture is great,” Obeidallah said of a Romney family photo. “It really sums up the diversity of the Republican party, the RNC. At the convention, they find the one black person.”

While most of the Daily Beast piece comes off as Obeidallah using the controversy as a way to up his profile and pose as a defiant martyr against “wing nuts” (Breitbart News is mentioned) — eventually, after 12 paragraphs of self-serving sanctimony, he writes:

I want to sincerely apologize to the Romney family if anyone was offended by my joke.  I did not in anyway mean to attack the Romney family for adopting a child, which is truly commendable. Nor did I intend to mock baby Kieran in any way. I would never intentionally demonize people in that manner.

Melissa Harris-Perry, the anchor hosting the widely criticized MSNBC segment, also apologized Tuesday.



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