'Breitbart News Sunday' on SXM 125: Sen. Sessions on Amnesty; Cuccinelli on Christie; SOTU

'Breitbart News Sunday' on SXM 125: Sen. Sessions on Amnesty; Cuccinelli on Christie; SOTU

On Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 from 7PM to 10PM EST, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) will discuss the upcoming fight over amnesty and the stakes in that battle for the future of the country. Host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon will also interview former Virginia gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on why he believes Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie should resign as head of the Republican Governors Association (RGA). 

Sessions, along with his relentless staff, has provided conservatives the ammunition to fight the spin from amnesty advocates by taking apart the the immigration reform legislation and highlighting provisions, which amnesty advocates may not even have read, that have been stealthily inserted and crafted by big-business and left-wing special interest groups. Recently, Sessions declared that the House is the last line of defense against amnesty and urged those in the House concerned about American workers to hold the line. 

Breitbart News reporter Frances Martel, who has extensively covered Christie and New Jersey politics, will be on the show to discuss Christie and Wendy Davis, who has come under fire for lying about her biography. Mainstream outlets like Politico, which has been one of the worse offenders in spinning for Davis, have tried to paint Davis as the victim. Politco, as Breitbart News reported, has only published four stories about Davis as opposed to the 50 they published on Todd Akin.

Breitbart Contributor Chriss Street, who has been one of the top bond traders on Wall Street, will discuss the coming financial crisis and what to expect in President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address on the economy. 

Breitbart’s Brandon Darby will also discuss the fallout in Texas from Davis’s lies and how Davis was a central piece in the concerted effort among liberals to “Turn Texas Blue.” Last week, Darby spoke to the left-of-center reporter who broke the Davis story.

Breitbart’s Michael Patrick Leahy will be on the show to talk about the Russian citizen who was arrested this weekend on WMD charges. Police found the alleged WMD when they went to search the teenage college student’s home for marijuana. 

Raheem Kassam, a dynamic conservative voice in the UK, will be on the show to discuss the future of the Muslim Brotherhood and why Europe’s version of the Tea Party movement is resonating more and gaining strength. Kassam has declared that the United States must learn from Britain’s mistakes on immigration and Islamization. Bannon promised Breitbart News Sunday listeners that readers would be seeing a lot more of Kassam in the near future.

Breitbart’s Washington Editor Jonathan Strong will discuss what to look for in the State of the Union address and the recent RNC Winter meetings. 

Breitbart Sports Editor Dan Flynn will discuss the Super Bowl. Flynn will be attending the media week festivities leading up to the game. 

Bannon hosts the weekly three-hour program that helps sets the next week’s narrative.