Andrew Breitbart's Vision and Mission Thriving Two Years After His Death

Andrew Breitbart's Vision and Mission Thriving Two Years After His Death

Two years ago today, we lost Andrew Breitbart. He was a father, husband, and a brother — a gregarious and hilarious personality. He was a new media pioneer. But perhaps he is best remembered as a fighter. He fought alongside us. He fought when we couldn’t. Justice. Accountability. Freedom. An even playing field. Those were the fights of his life.

On March 1st we think of him, but every day at Breitbart News we honor him. Every day we strive to keep the fighting spirit of this unique individual alive on the pages of the entity to which he gave all and which bears his name.

And progress is being made. New media is growing and thriving, reaching more people in more countries all over the globe, breaking stories and fighting battles minute to minute, if not second to second. Meanwhile, the corrupt media establishment is struggling to modernize and maintain credibility with the public. Just as Andrew had envisioned.

Andrew Breitbart was a giant among men, and we will not see his kind come our way again. But his passion, his resolve, his patriotism will not fade from living memory as that has been passed on to the men and women who labor everyday in his memory to bring you the news, information, and analysis that are the foundations of our freedoms and our country.

The two years since his death seem like only yesterday–and a century ago. And so it is. 

To the memory of this great man we dedicate the work ongoing.


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