CNN's Bill Weir Hits Second Lowest Ratings In Almost 15 Years

CNN's Bill Weir Hits Second Lowest Ratings In Almost 15 Years

CNN anchor Bill Weir, who Fox chief Roger Ailes once described as “weird” and “mediocre,” (after Weir attacked Fox News) has hit a milestone at the left-wing cable outlet; the second lowest ratings in nearly 15 years. In total viewers and the all-important 25-54 age demo, Weir almost made history with just 226K total viewers and 48K demo viewers. Lows unseen practically going back to the Clinton-era.

Mediaite reports that in 15 years, only once did CNN achieve fewer total viewers at the 9 p.m. hour, back in 2000 when Larry King brought only 196K viewers. The lowest demo viewership was earned by Piers Morgan in 2012 — just 39k viewers. Other than that it is all Weir.

CNN’s temporary ratings bump during the left-wing news network’s exploitation of the missing Malaysian airliner, is almost certainly over. In total day viewers Friday, CNN slid back into third place behind Fox and MSNBC. In the 25-54 demo, CNN slumped to 4th behind HLN.

In primetime Friday, CNN was slaughtered by MSNC and Fox News. CNN averaged only 270K total viewers. Fox and MSNBC averaged 1.305 million and 414K, respectively.

Currently, it appears as though CNN is reverting back to its failed pre-missing airliner playbook where they gotcha Republicans like Karl Rove for a remark he made (while giving Democrats like Harry Reid a pass) and obsess over identity politics (Donald Sterling and a gay NFL player).



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