NBC News, Politico Bury Nunn Campaign's Asian Slur

NBC News, Politico Bury Nunn Campaign's Asian Slur

You would think that a major U.S. Senate campaign caught referring to an ethnic group as financially “very tight” would thrill a media that loves nothing more than political scandal mixed with race. 

Well, not when it’s a Democrat campaign. When that’s the case, the media circle the wagons to pretend it didn’t happen, or in this case, reassure everyone there’s nothing to see here, because this is just how campaigns are run.

Case in point, Chuck Todd and Mark Murray of NBC News. NBC News did cover the controversy created by National Review uncovering an internal strategy memo for Georgia Democrat Michelle Nunn, but did so in a way meant to protect Nunn. Murray and Todd’s First Read went so far as to cover up and ignore the Nunn campaign’s Asian slur by using this word soup:

“What’s more, the memos’ frank discussion of Jews, Asians, and African Americans might not surprise political professionals, but they might sound a bit jarring to the casual observer,” it said.

On his weekday MSNBC show Daily Rundown, Chuck Todd took the exact same approach Tuesday. The campaign’s slur against Asians was never revealed.

MSNBC’s unofficial web-branch, Politico, compiled a list of 10 key passages from the Nunn leak. One word you won’t find in Politico’s 1500-plus word article is “Asian.”

In this same memo, Nunn’s consultants assure her that the mainstream media can be counted on as an ally against the GOP. NBC News’s Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Politico seem all-too eager to prove that true.

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