Breitbart's Sonnie Johnson 'Changes the Game'

Breitbart's Sonnie Johnson 'Changes the Game'

Over the last four years, I’ve traveled all over the country and spoken with thousands of patriots. I’ve met newfriends and built partnerships that will last a lifetime. I’ve learned policy, procedure, and principles. It’s been a greatride.

What I haven’t seen is any substantial success with respect to conservative outreach to the black community. Theinner cities of America are pimped by the Democrats and ignored by the Republicans. Every election cycle, a groupis formed to change the face of the Republican Party… and each time a little of my soul dies. We are supposed tobe the people that hold our leaders accountable. Where is the accountability for black conservative leadership thatcontinues to ignore black America?

If “ignore” isn’t the correct terminology… where is the accountability for Black conservative leadership that isdismissive of black culture?

A couple years ago, I approached a member of “black conservative leadership” with the idea to sell Capitalism, FreeMarkets, and Liberty to the black community. I pushed the idea of using Hip Hop culture as a vehicle to deliver themessage. Suffice it to say, the idea wasn’t met with open arms.

Instead, this group was planning to go after current “Black Liberal Leadership,” with the goal of exposing thehypocrisy of groups like the NAACP, Rainbow Coalition, and the National Action Network. I knew it was a waste oftime and energy, but I humbled myself. I was new to the game and thought it better to sit back and watch it playout.

When the group tried to gain access to the NAACP National Convention, it was denied. Mission accomplished.Hypocrisy exposed. The oldest Civil Rights Organization in the United States refused to hear a conservative point ofview… So much for tolerance.

There was only one problem: the weekend they tried to blast the story across social media, groups like the NAACP,Rainbow, and NAN were in 100 cities across the country, focused on Trayvon Martin… and the media was alongsidethem. No one gave a damn about liberal intolerance, except conservatives.

Guess what? The group tried again this year. Again it was rejected. Again conservatives cried foul. Again no onegave a damn. We get it. The left doesn’t play fair. There will always be a double standard. Black conservatives willalways be called names, chastised, and dismissed. Get over it. I have.

So what do we do?

Nelson Mandela said, “Speak to a man in a language he understands and it goes to his head. Speak to a man in hislanguage and it goes to his heart.”

We have to start winning the hearts of the black community by talking about the issues that matter to them; interminology they can understand. We are not going to win over the black community by destroying the likes of AlSharpton… nor will we have much success changing the minds of people who have voted Democratic for the last 25years. After all, the average age of an NAACP member is over 40 years old.

However, we can reach those in the Hip Hop generation. Enter Change the Game.

There is no rap song that glorifies living off welfare, and accepting what is handed to you. There is no rap song thatcelebrates limiting yourself by the color of your skin. Hip Hop is about hustle, wealth building, entrepreneurship,property ownership, multiple lines of revenue, and financial independence. It is Capitalism and that is theconservative platform. We don’t have to convince them what they already know. We just have to show them weunderstand and there is a place for them at our table.

It’s been four years and I’ve always felt accepted in the conservative movement. But I’ve never quite felt at home.My culture is missing. My music. My food. My poetry. My frame of reference. My Ebonic undertones. I have respectfor “black conservative leaders.” They teach me. They introduce me to opportunities. They challenge some of myperspectives. But they don’t inspire me. So I can understand why the black community is still uninspired.

Change the Game will be a home for that inspiration… a website that embraces Hip Hop culture. We will celebrateit, explain it, laugh at it, build with it, and condemn when necessary. We will also hold true to the conservativeprinciples and platform; including that 1st amendment that allows for Freedom of Speech. Our focus isn’t on bringingdown the Left. It’s on bringing up the people with a renaissance of culture, history, faith, and community. That’s howyou Change the Game. Take a look.


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