Joe Scarborough To Be 'Right-Leaning Voice' On 'Meet the Press'

Joe Scarborough To Be 'Right-Leaning Voice' On 'Meet the Press'

Page Six reports that the newly revamped “Meet the Press,” which launches this coming Sunday with Chuck Todd as moderator, has chosen Joe Scarborough to be the “right-leaning voice” in the role of a regular panelist.

Other regular panelists will include anyone familiar with the hard-left MSNBC: Andrea Mitchell and Luke Russert.

Assigning Scarborough the role of the “right-leaning voice” is a grave error on the part of NBC News. Forget the fact that with each passing day he becomes more of an insufferable blowhard on his own “Morning Joe,” this “right-leaning voice” pushes for gun control, amnesty, boycotts of companies that don’t want to pay higher taxes, and is currently the only person in America — right or left — who sees Obama’s foreign policy fecklessness as brilliant, a sort of 5th-level game of Chess that only dogs can hear.

Scarborough has accused Israel of out-and-out war crimes and loathes the Tea Party.

NBC News and Chuck Todd are correct that “Meet the Press” needs a right-of-center voice, especially if the left-leaning Todd, Mitchell, and young Russert are regulars. The problem is that Hillary Clinton is more conservative than Joe Scarborough, and more appealing.

Scarborough is a safe and cowardly choice for NBC News, hardly the kind of hire that will rock the Establishment Boat or earn the trust and viewing-loyalty of conservative viewers, who Scarborough delights in ridiculing and demeaning. 

Even Republicans Scarborough professes a loyalty to, like Mitt Romney, are eventually stabbed in the back by Scarborough, and at the most vulnerable opportunity. 

Israel and the NRA have felt that same knife (backed by Scarborough’s creepy cackle) when under the most political fire. 

Scarborough is one of the most mercenary creatures of the media/DC world operating today. 

The new “Meet the Press” boss appears to be a lot like the old one. Maybe worse. 

Are people really going to tune into “Meet the Press” to watch talking heads who already get hours of facetime every week on MSNBC and NBC? There’s nothing fresh here: A sell-out conservative and a gaggle government-loving leftists… It appears as though “Meet the Press” has gone the full-MSNBC.  


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