Darren Wilson Supporter Expertly Trolls Reporter by Speaking Only in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Quotes

Darren Wilson Supporter Expertly Trolls Reporter by Speaking Only in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Quotes

Here at Breitbart.com, we routinely criticize the mainstream media for its cover-ups and outright lies. It’s a gloomy business, sifting through all of that preachy copy.

But sometimes the buried ledes we discover are golden.

A Tennessee man named Don Alexander crowdfunded a billboard bearing the message “#PantsUpDontLoot.” For maximum troll effect, he’s placing the giant billboard in Ferguson, Missouri, where left-wing activists are stirring up unrest as the grand jury decision on whether or not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown looms.

Never ones to miss an opportunity to call someone a racist, liberals leapt to declare Alexander the World’s Worst Person. In their breathless tizzy, they also claimed that a National Review article reporting on the pushback to the Ferguson tension “popularized” the term — thus proving that liberal reporters see their job as ideologues whose mission is to spread a contrary Narrative.

All of this heated rhetoric drove one Tommy Christopher of The Daily Banter to get the facts. After ritually excoriating other news outlets for failing to condemn the billboard as racist (of course!), he contacted Alexander himself.

Alexander came prepared with a script.

I reached out to Alexander at the email provided on his Indiegogo page, and he was rather brief in his replies. Asked what his occupation is, he replied “CIA” (I don’t think he’s in the CIA), and said that “OF COURSE!” he had reached an agreement with a billboard company. Asked to respond to allegations the billboard is racist, he said “Those are big allegations, for you.”

Most tellingly, though, is that he said the effect he hopes to have on the situation in Ferguson is “Starting the fire.”

The silver lining is that those 29 or 30 idiots who funded this thing may just end up the ones being looted. I asked Alexander what he would do with the funds if the billboard didn’t go up. “It would be extremely painful,” he replied, and refused to answer any followup questions.

Cue hysterical laughter. Has this Tommy Christopher guy logged onto the Internet since 2012? How could anyone possibly miss that Alexander is quoting big bad supervillain Bane from The Dark Knight Rises? There’s even a cat meme about it! Who hasn’t heard of Bane Cat?

At least the peanut gallery gets it: “The billboard rises” is the most-upvoted comment. Christopher got Baneposted–hard.

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