LA Times Teams with Left-Wing Illegal Alien Activist

AP Photo/Susan Walsh
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

In what is almost certainly a preview of what his new venture with the LA Times will look like, illegal alien activist Jose Antonio Vargas is already attempting to shame people into approved speech codes:

Vargas describes himself as a journalist, but journalists don’t tell other people how to speak. They report on how others speak. Enforcing speech codes is a Vargas obsession in a Twitter feed that reeks of all-about-me activism and almost no journalism.

Washington Examiner:

The Los Angeles Times announced Tuesday that it is partnering with Jose Vargas, an openly illegal immigrant, for a new editorial venture.

The project is “a multimedia platform which will explore the evolving American identity in the 21st century,” read a release…

At the Times, Vargas “will lead an effort to write commentary and produce original video, graphics and other digital content that focuses on the intersection of race, immigration, identity and the complexities of multiculturalism,” the release said. The project was dubbed “#EmergingUS”

Over the past few years, Vargas has used his victim-status as an illegal alien (now 33, he left the Philippines at 16) to propel what was a successful but unexceptional career in journalism into a wildly successful brand.

Prior to coming out as an illegal alien in 2011,  no one had ever heard of Vargas. Today his brand and career are thriving in a mainstream media environment eager to turn victims into moral supremacists and desperate to find a way to turn millions of illegals into voting Democrats.

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