Geraldo Rivera: ‘Far Too Many’ Americans Own Guns Legally

Richard Drew/AP
Richard Drew/AP

On Friday, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera said he “lament(s)” that the number of guns that are in America, including the guns that guns that people possess “legally.”

Rivera said these things during an appearance on Fox & Friends, after being asked to comment on a mom who had pulled a gun to stop a fight where one girl pinned another girl on the ground and was punching her in the head repeatedly.

The mother has been “charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”

After watching the cell phone footage of the incident, Rivera responded: “First, I’ll talk about the guns. I think that there are far too many creepy, untrained people with deadly weapons in their possession legally, and I lament that. [But] that’s a gun control argument that I can never win.”

He said he believes “this mother was [in] way over her head,” adding: “I understand that if her daughter was being beaten, and if her daughter was being threatened with serious bodily harm, I understand a parent’s instinct. If the gun is legal, I understand the parent’s instinct to take it out. I think however, this is a reckless, and irresponsible deed, and the mother should be punished.”

Rivera said, “You can’t allow your allow your love of guns or the 2nd Amendment to trump the fact that this was an irresponsible, potentially deadly act.”

On September 1, Breitbart News reported Rivera saying the 2nd Amendment is “blind and stupid” and offers the NRA an opportunity for “relentless pimping for the gun industry.”

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