The Massive Conflict of Interest In Bloomberg Politics’ Attack On ‘Duck Dynasty’


In a massive left-wing hit-piece disguised as objective news (Welcome to Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s Bloomberg Politics!), the popular A&E reality series “Duck Dynasty” is blamed for education cuts in the state of Louisiana. This dishonest headline reads: “Duck Dynasty’ Keeps Tax Break as Bobby Jindal Cuts Louisiana Colleges.” Here’s the opening paragraph:

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a potential Republican presidential candidate, is trying to close a $1.6 billion budget hole without touching as much as $415,000 per episode in tax breaks that may be due to “Duck Dynasty.”

The article eventually goes on to point out that Louisiana, like many states, offers up to a quarter billion — with a “B” — dollars in corporate welfare to Hollywood. “Duck Dynasty” averages about 12 episodes a season. That adds up to around $6 million in tax breaks per year, or a drop in the bucket that adds up to around 2.4% of that $250 million.

Weird how Bloomberg Politics’ co-managing editors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann make millions selling  their books to HBO, and yet this story doesn’t mention the Louisiana tax breaks HBO has received, from “Treme” to “True Detective.”

Any by “weird,” I of course mean, corrupt.

Nowhere does the article mention that Halperin and Heilemann’s benefactors at HBO enjoy the same tax breaks as “Duck Dynasty.”

If Bloomberg Politics can single out and polarize “Duck Dynasty,” that might mean more money for HBO.

Cronyism, it’s what makes the one-percent the one-percent.

This is nothing more than Bloomberg Politics launching a hate campaign against “Duck Dynasty.” There’s an obvious tactical reason Bloomberg blames a conservative Christian reality show for diabolical “education cuts” as opposed to the institution of Hollywood itself — the real culprit here. (I am on record for years opposing all corporate welfare, including Hollywood.)

All across the country, Hollywood fat cats enjoy massive tax cuts and incentives carved out for the super-rich. But Hollywood is a left-wing institution that Bloomberg Politics would never blame for education cuts. Moreover, the guys in charge of Bloomberg Politics also have a cozy relationship with Hollywood, specifically the corporate welfare queens at HBO that have also benefited from Louisiana’s tax breaks.

To distract from these facts, Bloomberg Politics Emmauel Goldsteins the Godtards.


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