‘Clinton Cash’ by Breitbart News’ Peter Schweizer: #3 NYT Bestseller in Week 2

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Clinton Cash, the blockbuster book that has the whole country looking at Bill and Hillary Clinton in a harsh new light, enters its second week on the New York Times bestsellers list—now at the number three slot among the nation’s nonfiction, hardcover releases.

The book that has sent Hillary into hiding hit number three on the March 31 list and shows no signs of fading any time soon.

“I’m humbled by the book’s success, and I’m heartened by the scores of investigative news articles Clinton Cash has spawned as reporters confirm the accuracy of the book’s dozens of revelations and expand on its reporting,” said author Peter Schweizer.

Clinton Cash has so bedeviled Hillary—just as she started her campaign for the 2016 Democrat nomination for president—that it has practically sent her into hush mode with the media, preferring to shy from taking questions and avoiding reporters at all costs.

The book has been the source for many serious questions that have led the news cycle for weeks, not the least of which has been the questions over whether or not Hillary performed favors to a Russian-owned uranium company. This company ended up in control of much of the world’s uranium supply after a key decision by the federal government when Hillary was Secretary of State.

Along with the questions about Hillary’s actions at the Department of State came revelations that millions of dollars flowed into the Clintons’s coffers over the uranium deal.

In another story, Canadians were embarrassed to learn that the Clintons failed to reveal the identities of its 1,100 donors, breaching a promise to disclose funding as part of an ethics agreement with the Obama administration.

By the end of April, there were 11 explosive Clinton Cash facts effortlessly confirmed even by the mainstream media outlets covering the book.

By May, donors were scrambling to distance themselves from the Clinton Foundation, and high-dollar donations to Bill and Hillary even sent ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos scrambling to apologize for donating up to $75,000 to the Clintons. His attempt to hide his donations led to doubts about his veracity as an unbiased reporter and caused him to drop out of any participation in the upcoming GOP debates.

Recriminations over the startling revelations in Clinton Cash have redounded around the world, too, and the book has sparked a global firestorm.

These questions raised as a result of Clinton Cash have given the Clintons a black eye and caused the Democrat Party to wonder if Hillary really is their only possible presidential candidate.

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