CNN Reporter Interviewing Hillary Attended Clinton Senior Staffer’s Wedding Two Weeks Ago

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

CNN’s Brianna Keiler will interview Hillary Clinton tomorrow. This is a big “get” for both CNN and Keiler, and a smart move on Clinton’s part. CNN wages a constant war against the Right, and Keiler is personally close enough to Team Clinton that just two weeks ago, she attended a Clinton campaign staffer’s wedding.


For months, Clinton has been dodging the media. Now that the media has found a bunch of issues to beat the GOP over the head with — Rebel Flag, gay marriage, Donald Trump — Hillary understands that this is the perfect time for her to come out of her cocoon for a one-on-one with one of her own staffer’s close galpals.

The media, especially a left-wing outlet like CNN, is certain to ask her almost exclusively about  softball issues and how awful the GOP is.

Here are 5 questions CNN should ask Clinton — 5  tough but illuminating questions of the type CNN and the rest of the media always ask Republicans.

  1. You have said CEO’s are paid too much. You’ve called this “wealth inequality” immoral. What about your Hollywood supporters, like Steven Speilberg, who can make tens of millions of dollars for just a few months work, or people like you, who make more than a quarter-million dollars for a half-hour speech? What about billionaire CEO Oprah Winfrey?
  2. Would you put any limits on abortion? Should a woman be allowed to abort a child based on its gender? Do you still support legalizing the right for a woman to have an abortion immediately after the child is born alive — what is known as partial-birth abortion?
  3. Would you oppose any attempt to protect Churches that refuse to perform same sex marriages from losing their tax exempt status?
  4. You want to go even further than President Obama when it comes to immigration. How will importing more low-skilled workers help a black community with a With the black unemployment rate at 9.5% and a black teen unemployment of 29.7%?
  5. Should a gay printer be forced under penalty of law to print invitations to an anti-gay marriage event?

Here’s the very same Brianna Keiler hounding Ben Carson on a tough question just a couple of weeks before she attended the wedding.

You think Hillary will face even a hint of this?



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