CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: One Mass Shooting Every Day ‘Almost Literally True’

AP Photo/Charles Sykes
AP Photo/Charles Sykes

On August 2 CNN’s Fareed Zakaria tried to stir Congressional action on gun control by citing a study which claims 207 mass shootings in the first 207 days of 2015. Zakaria said the claim of one mass shooting every day is “almost literally true.”

Moreover, Zakaria followed the same path taken by President Obama and suggested guns pose a greater threat than terrorism. Obama made this suggestion during a BBC interview nearly two weeks ago.

According to Zakaria:

[Americans’] attitude seems to be one of fatalism–another day, another mass shooting, which is almost literally true. The website documents that in the first 207 days of 2015 America had 207 mass shootings. After one of these takes place now, everyone goes through a ritual of shock and horror, and then moves on, aware that nothing will change.

Interestingly enough, something that has changed is the way the left defines a mass shooting. Amid the gun control push that has been ubiquitous over the past three years, the number of deaths required for a shooting to be labeled a mass shooting has settled at two.

If two people are killed, it’s a mass shooting. This basically means we have murder–one dead–and mass shootings–more than one dead.

But the site Zakaria cites–Shooting Tracker–gives another definition that does not even require a death in order to consider a shooting a mass shooting. Instead, Shooting Tracker says, “A mass shooting is when four or more people are shot in an event, or related series of events, likely without a cooling off period.”

Thus, the first mass shooting listed in their 207 mass shootings for 2015 is one in which five people were injured, but no one was killed. Their 10th, 13th, 15th, 19th, 25th, and 31st mass shootings are the same–injuries only–and the list continues. Moreover, there are a number of aggregate factors that get brushed over–like the fact that their February 1 mass shooting which injured six was carried out by a parolee whom reports had been in prison on gun charges and was on supervised release at the time of his crime. Such a man would be barred from gun possession, but that degree of gun control–100 percent gun control–did not hinder him.

So if you accept the new definition for a mass shooting and Zakaria’s push for more gun control–although criminals on the mass shooting list ignore gun control–then you may be ready to accept the claim that one mass shooting a day is “almost literally true.”

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