Ferguson: Washington Post Reporter Charged with Trespassing, Interfering with Police Officer

The Associated Press

Left-wing Washington Post activist Wesley Lowery (who identifies as a journalist) has been charged officially in St. Louis County of trespassing and interfering with a police officer. The incident stems from Lowery’s arrest last year during the Ferguson riots when the activist, apparently eager to make the story about himself, was arrested for defying a police officer who ordered him to leave a McDonald’s.

Lowery could face $1000 fine and up to one year in prison.

Lowery commented on the charges by doing what he has been doing since the Post hired the divisive, bomb-throwing, left-wing activist, he attacked police officers for doing their jobs, ““I maintained from the first day that our detention was illegal and unnecessary,” Lowery, who is in Ferguson covering demonstrations there, said in a telephone interview Monday. “So I was surprised that a year later this is something officials in St. Louis County decided was worth revisiting.”

Like CNN and some other journalists, Lowery completely ignored his role as a journalist, helped spread the scurrilous lies that Michael Brown was a victim, and almost certainly added to the tension and hate-mongering that resulted in a large part of the predominantly black, working class city of Ferguson being burned and looted.

Left-wing activists like Lowery and CNN have caused more misery in predominantly black neighborhoods then the Ku Klux Klan ever dreamed of. One year later, the good people of Ferguson are still dealing with violence and looting and chaos — and all due to the media’s massive and deliberate “Gentle Giant” lie.


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