The Hill: Armstrong Williams, the ‘Media Machine’ Behind Dr. Ben Carson

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The Hill profiles Armstrong Williams, “one of the most influential people” in Dr. Ben Carson’s nascent political life.

From The Hill:

One of the most influential people in Ben Carson’s political orbit has no role in his actual campaign.

Armstrong Williams, 56, is a black conservative radio personality, a real estate investor, TV station owner, publisher and former political operative for figures as diverse as the late Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.) and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Williams does not fit the traditional profile of a man-behind-the-candidate, yet he looms over the 2016 hopeful’s world.

In interviews with Carson, as well as top current and former campaign officials, the message is clear: Carson and Williams come as one.

“It’s a package deal, no question about it,” Carson told The Hill.

Williams describes himself as a confidant and business partner to Carson. They met in the 1990s when Williams interviewed Carson, who was at the time a world-renowned brain surgeon, on one of his TV shows.

The two have since fostered what those close to them describe as a “brother-like” relationship.

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