International Media Go Nuts Over Shaun King’s Race Scandal

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International media went nuts today when Breitbart revealed evidence suggesting that prominent Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King is in fact white — and that, when challenged, King did nothing to deny the allegations that he is Caucasian.

Over a hundred media outlets from all over the world, including the Daily Mail, the Daily Beast, the New York Daily News, Salon, Sky News and the New York Post, covered our explosive scoop, which also alleged that King misled media mogul Oprah Winfrey by applying for and accepting an “Oprah scholarship” to historically black Morehouse College.

Here’s a small selection from today’s coverage.

Like Ms. Dolezal, Mr. King attended a historically black college. He matriculated at Morehouse College, a college in Atlanta for men, with the help of a scholarship sponsored by Oprah Winfrey.

Responding to a Breitbart report asking whether he misled Ms. Winfrey, Mr. King said he “did not concoct a lie” about his race to gain admission to Morehouse or to get the scholarship.

Morehouse declined to comment on the allegations on Wednesday, but officials said in a message on Twitter that the college did not grant admissions or scholarships based on race.

A key figure in the Black Lives Matter movement who claimed he was the victim of a horrific hate crime in his youth as a result his race has been outed as white…. These claims were first uncovered by the site ReNews-It, and then Breitbart, and King compared their attack to President Obama being asked to show his birth certificate to prove he was born in America.

Rachel Dolezal is not alone, allegedly — one of the leading Black Lives Matter activists might actually be a white guy … who got a scholarship to a Black college from Oprah Winfrey! 35-year-old Shaun King has always claimed to be biracial — Caucasian mom and an African-American dad — but Breitbart says a 1995 police document identifies King’s ethnicity as white.

A prominent leader of the Black Lives Matter movement may have just been outed as a white man. Shaun King, 35, has always said he was of mixed race. So far, he’s gained a huge Twitter following, success as a justice columnist for the social progressive website the Daily Kos and has been awarded a full-ride college scholarship to Morehouse by none other than Oprah Winfrey.

In a post-Rachel world, questioning the race of someone who champions for Black people has become a thing.

In King’s litany of tweets, he’s never once addressed whether or not either of his parents were Black. He simply tweeted poetic, attempting to dispel what the “hit” articles claimed, calling his family “one big mess,” just like many of us. All of King’s tweets are cringe-worthy because he’s having to defend himself and his race, all while trying not to look like the new Rachel Dolezal. His credibility has been challenged and honestly, whether he is or isn’t Black, no one is going to believe him either way now.

It’s all sadly entertaining.

AI don’t think there’s any mystery how this happens.  These kids get propagandized, indoctrinated in school, and they are just guilt-ridden like you can’t believe. From the moment they go to organized education — maybe kindergarten, maybe elementary school, whatever — they hear about all the crimes committed by “white people” in this country since the days founding, and after a while they just can’t take anymore of it; they feel so overwhelmingly guilty.

I mean, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt here.  This guy could just be an out-and-out fraudster and nothing more than that.  I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.  It doesn’t matter.  I mean, the members of Black Lives Matter, people storming Bernie Sanders, yeah, they’re black. But, I mean, what does it say here that the organizer — the guy who put it together — is white by the name of Shaun King?

Despite tweeting more than 30 times about the allegations, King never directly addressed the charge that his father is a white man. BuzzFeed News asked King about the claim, but received no response.

It’s the second coming of Rachel Dolezal

Shaun King, a prominent leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, has been claiming to be biracial when he is actually a white man, according to a report published Wednesday. Boasting a vast following on Twitter, a title as justice columnist for a social progressive website, and acquiring a full-ride college scholarship from Oprah Winfrey to Morehouse (an award designated for black men, the site alleged) are the markings which have made King, 35, a go-to source for breaking news on police brutality against African-Americans around the country. 

But there seems to be one hitch: He isn’t actually black, according to recent findings from conservative news website, Breitbart.

So, why does this matter? I don’t know, why did Rachel Dolezal matter? That woman could’ve lived her whole life in obscurity, working for the NAACP in Spokane, and nobody would’ve been the wiser if her parents hadn’t outed her. She was living a lie, but was she hurting anybody? Did she browbeat her fellow white people daily from a national platform? Did she take a scholarship away from anybody? Did she con Oprah?

Dolezal was a small-time scammer in the second-biggest city in our 13th-biggest state, and her whole life has been destroyed. Will that happen to this guy? I guess it all depends on how many people have an emotional and/or financial investment in believing him.

White lives matter, but only when they pretend to be black.

A person’s race isn’t derived by biology; it is instead set by society and a person’s own identity. As Jenée Desmond-Harris previously explained for Vox, Americans embraced the concept of race to justify treating some people better than others. And since race is arbitrary, different people can genuinely disagree over who counts as white, black, brown, or any other racial identity.

None of this is to suggest that race doesn’t matter, or that King’s identity is irrelevant. Although race may have no biological basis, social perceptions of race play a huge role in people’s lives — and could impact King’s place in the Black Lives Matter movement.


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