Breitbart News Among Top 25 Biggest Facebook Publishers in July


Breitbart News ranked #19 among Facebook’s biggest publishers for the month of July on total engagement, just one slot behind CNN, according to recently released rankings by industry-leading social media analytics giant NewsWhip.

Breitbart’s 3,435,105 comments landed it at #6 among Facebook publishers for most number of total comments, a total that did not include Breitbart’s 1,200,000 on-site comments over the same period. Huffington Post, Fox News, BuzzFeed, NBC, and Daily Mail occupied the top five slots for most Facebook comments.

With 3,146,697 Facebook shares, Breitbart News’ Facebook content ranked as the 12th most shared content among the biggest English language publishers on Facebook.



“Conservative news has long been a strong driver of engagement on Facebook,” reports NewsWhip Head of Communications Liam Corcoran. “We predicted a lucrative few months ahead for political sites on Facebook in June, and it seems as though they’re already off to a strong start.”

Traditional establishment media appearing in the top 25 for overall Facebook engagement included the New York Times (#14), CBS News (#16), and NBC (#4).

The top 25 biggest Facebook publisher rankings, which is drawn from all English language sites, also saw two India-focused publishers—India Times (#20) and the Indian Express (#24).

“Breitbart News’ Facebook rankings reflect the passion and power of our savvy and engaged army of Facebook readers,” said Breitbart News CEO and President Larry Solov. “With the 2016 presidential race heating up, Breitbart looks forward to providing first-in-class conservative news coverage for our nearly 1 million Facebook followers and growing.”

“I’ve spoken for years about the importance of engaging your family and friends on the political and cultural topics of the day, even if it’s uncomfortable at times, and Facebook makes it easier than ever,” added Breitbart News Editor in Chief Alex Marlow. “It is the ‘virtual dinner table’ of the 21st century and a place where hearts and minds are won. It’s thrilling to know that Breitbart News content is a part of so many of these conversations.”


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