Washington Post: Gun Control The ‘Most Productive Response’ To Flanagan Shootings


On the night of August 26 The Washington Post editorial board admitted that gun control may not do anything to stop attacks like the one we saw in Virginia yet they contended that proposing gun control is still the “most productive” response to the shootings.

The WaPo editorial board arrived at this decision after focusing on Flanagan’s anger over racial issues and his adoration for mass killers like Seing-Hui-Cho. They drew from his manifesto to support these two contentions while completely ignoring Flanagan’s own emphasis on the fact that he was gay and that he was tired of the treatment he received from “black men and white females” for being so.

Instead, they shifted to the calls Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) made for more gun control just hours after the shootings of Allison Parker and Adam Ward had taken place.

As Breitbart News previously reported, McAuliffe called for background checks and he did so while the police pursuit of Flanagan was still under way. He described the push for background checks as one of the “common sense ideas” he is trying to bring to Virginia and he lambasted GOP members of the state’s General Assembly for not supporting the push with him.

He talked of how background checks can keep the wrong people from getting guns because there are “individuals in this country who should not be allowed to own a firearm.”

The WaPo described McAuliffe’s comments as “the most productive response to [the] madness” caused by Flanagan.

Later in the night the ATF announced the preliminary results on their investigation into the double homicide and those results included the news that Flanagan bought his gun “legally,” passing a background check for his Glock 19.

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