Black Activists Turn on Shaun King for Collapse of ‘Justice Together’ Org, Financial Irregularities

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I want you to all get used to the following phrase: “Milo was right.” Chew on it for a bit, let it roll around in your mouth like a gummy bear, or like one of those awful mediciny chewable cough drops you had to eat as a kid. Then: swallow it right down.

If you’re going to hang around this neighborhood, you’re gonna have to get used to the taste, gentle reader. For, every time your beloved gaytriarch tells you someone is up to no good, he is proven right a hundred times over.

As of this weekend, there’s yet another scandal engulfing journalist and activist Shaun King, the man Breitbart revealed was presenting himself as a biracial leader to the Black Lives Matter movement while having no idea whether he was even black. This time, King is under fire from his own supporters.

Allegations of financial impropriety have dogged King for years. On Saturday, the hashtag #ShaunKingLetMeDown trended in the United States as erstwhile King supporters, frustrated by the failure of King’s “Justice Together” project, began demanding answers to financial questions people have been quietly asking for a long time.

What began as a drizzle of criticism soon became a level-5 social media shitstorm, with thousands of tweets from supporters condemning King’s slipshod management and sharing articles and videos related to Breitbart’s investigations. King lurched into damage control mode and deleted Facebook posts by the dozens, covering his tracks by blaming “trolls” and retweeting cover fire from progressive agitators such as Brianna Wu.

Though King and his supporters claim that trolls were responsible for the success of the hashtag, a cursory examination shows that it was actually black activists, at last disillusioned with their “black” leader’s poor stewardship of his power and funding, calling him to the carpet.

Rallying under the hashtag #ShaunKingLetMeDown, activists, Black Lives Matter supporters, gawkers and trolls generated over 9,000 tweets after @JusticeTogether, Shaun King’s 50-state “social justice” initiative, fell apart.

King has been kept at arm’s length, say observers, from the Black Lives Matter movement since our revelations about his race drove him to throw his own mother under the bus, claiming that she had been unfaithful to the white man on his birth certificate with a person he cannot name but that he insists was a “light-skinned black man.”

Progressives attempted to discredit our explosive report by linking it to a troll, but their efforts failed. King refused to submit to a DNA test when asked to by an African-American Political Action Committee. His reputation never recovered.

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