Carson’s Right: In 2008 the Media Ignored More than 30 Lies In Obama’s Bio

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

For just a moment, forget about how the DC Media allowed President Obama to PrettySpeech his way out of a 20 year relationship with a racist, anti-Semitic preacher. For just a moment, forget about how the DC Media ignored the bombshell that Obama lied about his relationship with a terrorist. As we watch the racially-motivated DC Media lie through omission and commission about “inaccuracies” in Ben Carson’s bio,  let us never forget that during the 2008 election, this same DC Media covered up more than 30 inaccuracies in Obama’s biographies.

First off, I need to stop to ensure I give every bit of credit for this piece to Young Conservatives, a site that put this incredible list together over the weekend. Nothing below would have been possible without their fine work. Please check it out.

Prior to Obama winning the 2008 presidential election, no less than The New York Times found a lie in Obama’s biography. During a Memorial Day campaign appearance, Obama claimed an uncle of his had liberated Auschwitz during WWII. When he was called on it, Obama lied again and said it was Buchenwald. The truth was that it was Ohrdruf, a sub-camp of Buchenwald.

Another 2008 New York Times article, that was buried under a headline that had nothing to do with the falsehoods the reporter found, reported that Obama had “added some writerly touches in his memoir to make the challenges he overcame seem more dramatic.”

Finally, prior to winning the 2008 presidential election, no less than The Washington Post discovered that Obama lied about the role the Kennedy family took in helping his own family. In an effort to craft a mythological Camelot Connection, Obama falsely claimed the Kennedy family paid to for his “Kenyan father to travel to America on a student scholarship and thus meet his Kansan mother.”

Two whoppers from an inexperienced, insurgent presidential candidate  running in large part on his biography.

Was the result a massive DC Media Narrative questioning Obama’s honesty?

Nope. Never happened. Not even close.

Was the result an even more intensive look into Obama’s biographical details?

Nope. In fact, quite the opposite happened. Fearing what they would discover, the DC Media stopped vetting Obama’s biography altogether. How do we know this? Because it was only after Obama was elected president that more than 30 additional inaccuracies were discovered.

I’m not asking you believe me. But you can certainly believe one of Obama’s biggest fans and protectors:  BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith. Of course this was written more than 3 years after Obama was sworn into office:

Maraniss’s Barack Obama: The Story punctures two sets of falsehoods: The family tales Obama passed on, unknowing; and the stories Obama made up. The 672-page book closes before Obama enters law school, and Maraniss has promised another volume, but by its conclusion I counted 38 instances in which the biographer convincingly disputes significant elements of Obama’s own story of his life and his family history.

Thirty-eight falsehoods.  I’ll be generous and say that maybe the DC Media publicized five prior to Obama being sworn into office in January of 2009.  Nevertheless, no matter how many inaccuracies were reported, there is no question that the DC Media downplayed them in a way that ensured the biographical falsehoods did the least amount of political damage.

What biographical inaccuracies of Obama’s did the DC Media choose not to disclose to us prior to 2008? Here is just a handful, again courtesy of Young Conservatives. These claims have either been proven false or cannot be verified — and that revelation came only after Obama was sworn into office:

  • Obama lied the historic civil rights march in Selma, Alabama as the inspiration for his conception.
  • A story of British Obama’s grandfather facing British brutality.
  • Obama’s claim that his heroic step-grandfather died fighting the Dutch.
  • Obama outright lied about his own mother’s health insurance problems.
  • Obama’s composite girlfriend.
  • A tale of his mother being abandoned by his father in 1963.

Is this Bright Shining Double Standard only the usual-usual political bias we see every day from the corrupted and rotting DC Media?


It is also racial.

For hundreds of years, from slavery to segregation, Democrats have been socialized to destroy free-thinking black people who threaten their power. The DC Media is almost exclusively infested with Democrats, and therefore they see (correctly) Carson as an existential threat to their Jenga Tower national power structure. If Democrats lose even 10% of their current black vote, they are done as a national party.

For behavior that made Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton look like choir boys, the DC Media turned Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain into scary black sexual predators. Now, using lies and innuendo, the DC Media is in the process of organizing a high-tech lynching of Dr. Ben Carson, whose only sin is straying from The Leftwing Thought Plantation.


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