AP: California’s Extreme Gun Control Failed

(Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)
Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press

On December 6 the Associated Press pointed out that California’s aggressive gun control laws–expanded background checks, heavy regulations on “assault weapons,” and other regulations–all proved impotent to stop the San Bernardino terror attacks.

Breitbart News previously reported that the expanded background checks failed to make a difference, yet Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and other Democrats responded to the San Bernardino attacks by pushing to expand background checks in every state.

According to the AP, the fact that the guns used in the attack were “[legally] purchased” by people who passed background checks is raising questions about whether any new gun controls could be effective against such determined attackers.

The common refrain to date has been to expand background checks to cover the no-fly list so that terrorists who are barred from flight are also barred from buying guns. However, that approach would be meaningless, as CNN reports that Syed Farook and Tashfeen were not on “any list” tied to potential terrorists in the U.S.

It is interesting to note that Colorado also has expanded background checks–and, additionally, they have a statewide “high capacity” magazine ban. The state has also had two high profile shootings in as many months. The first was carried out by Noah Harpman, who shot and killed three on Halloween day before being shot and killed by police. The second was carried out by Robert Lewis Dear, who shot and killed two civilians and a police officer at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Nov. 27.

So expanded background checks have failed to stop terror attacks and high profile shootings in California and Colorado. Moreover, the San Bernardino attackers were not on “any list” tied to potential terrorists in the US.

Obama’s response? Expand the useless California and Colorado background checks nationally to include the no-fly list. It may be good politics, but it has nothing to do with stopping terror.

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