Twitter De-Verifies Milo Yiannopoulos, Fans Respond With #JeSuisMilo–PC Mag


From PC Mag David Murphy writes

Love him or hate him—and we suspect most likely go for the latter—but Milo Yiannopoulos certainly spends a lot of time on Twitter. And, until today, he had an official, verified account with the social network. The few extra “powers” that grants one over a normal account aren’t that big of a deal: filters for notifications, account analytics, and the ability to opt out of group direct messages. The real importance is that it allows a person to confirm that a Twitter handle is officially theirs, as opposed to any other spoof accounts (or hundreds of spoof accounts) that others have made.

Twitter has neglected to provide a reason for why it pulled Yiannopoulos’ verified status, commenting that it doesn’t share details about specific accounts. In the message the company sent Yiannopoulos, Twitter said that his verification was being pulled as a result of “recent violations of the Twitter Rules.” It didn’t specify which rules, nor did it say how many violations there were (nor how severe they might have been).

However, a Twitter executive indicated to Buzzfeed that a tweet Yiannopoulos made in which he told another person that she “deserved to be harassed you social justice loser” might have been the tipping point.

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