Rubio vs. CNN: The Little Marco Who Cried Liar

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio speaks at a rally Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016, in Houston.
AP/Pat Sullivan

Generally, when a Republican calls a CNN reporter a liar, you gotta take the side of the Republican. CNN doesn’t just lie, CNN is a network chock-full of left-wing propagandists deeply devoted to electing Democrats, expanding the scope of the federal government, and forcing Christians to participate in same sex marriages.

CNN is much worse than MSNBC. The problem here is Marco Rubio’s track record.

When Team Rubio is hit with a story they don’t like, Team Rubio lies. We know this for a fact because the candidate himself told a series of objective lies about Breitbart News during an interview with Fox News late last month. Matthew Boyle’s reporting was solid, sourced, and featured on-the-record quotes.

When confronted with the story on Fox News, among other lies, Rubio attacked us as a “conspiracy” site (when he had contributed a piece to us just two weeks earlier), said his campaign never credentialed our reporters (it does), and misinformed viewers about our lead source’s role with ICE.

This wasn’t the usual-usual political spin on Rubio’s part. He objectively lied.

Fast-forward to Monday night and what we again have is Team Marco screaming liar, this time at CNN, over a story that claims there’s an ongoing debate within the Rubio campaign about dropping out of the presidential election.

Let’s look at this objectively…

1) We know Team Rubio lies when hit with an inconvenient story.

2) We know CNN lies.

3) We know that CNN’s story, while plenty damaging, is not far-fetched. When you look at the landscape, especially in Florida, it is far from outrageous to imagine some on Team Rubio debating the idea that it is in the candidate’s best interest to drop out. Considering how much stronger Ted Cruz would be in a one-on-one race against Trump, it might also be in the best interest of the Establishment.

Only Marco Rubio could make one believe CNN.


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