Politico: Media Matters to Train Focus on Breitbart Instead of Fox News


Politico’s Hadas Gold reports that the far-leftwing Media Matters organization has pivoted its attack focus away from its old cable news nemesis Fox News and onto Breitbart News instead, as the left now views Breitbart as the greater emerging threat.

From Politico:

Liberal media-watchdog organization Media Matters is naming a new president and taking its coverage in a new direction, with less emphasis on cable news and more focus on fake news and other “bad actors.”

Angelo Carusone, currently the organization’s executive vice president, will take over as president. The group, known for taking on what they argue is misinformation in conservative media, particularly on Fox News, will enter a “new era,” focusing on the likes of Breitbart, the “alt-right”, conspiracy theories and fake news.

“There was a period of time which we were, rightfully so, described as the ‘Fox antagonist’s,” said Carusone, who also acted as Deputy CEO of the Democratic National Convention. “Now, our mission is to be principally focused on the value of journalism.”

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