Nolte: CNN’s Jake Tapper Again Spreads Debunked Lie About Trump Mocking Disabled Reporter

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CNN anchor Jake Tapper spent his Tuesday night cozying up to resident Late Night Trump-hater Seth Meyers, and used the opportunity to suck up to his host by mocking Sean Hannity, trashing President Trump as clueless on DACA,  and to once again repeat the proven lie that Trump mocked a reporter’s disability.

Incontrovertible video (watch here, here, and here)  proves, beyond any doubt, that the mannerism Trump used in relation to this New York Times reporter is one he has used repeatedly, going back more than a decade. Nevertheless, the smear that Trump mocked this reporter’s disability is one that the leftwing Tapper continues to spread.

Actually, what Tapper did is even worse, because last night the former (and current) Democrat-operative employed one of his most sleazy rhetorical tricks. Here is what he said to Meyers (and if you want to know what smug-on-steroids looks like, watch the video):

[My viewers] want to know it’s not normal for a president to make fun of disabled people, right. ‘That’s not normal, right?’ Correct.

This is classic Tapper, who has over the last 18 months, become one of the most dishonest reporters in an institution buried in them. His hatred for Trump is such that he repeatedly plays these kind of semantic word games, all as a means to keep the most damaging lies against Trump alive and kicking.

Note how Tapper carefully avoided stating that Trump mocked an actual disability. Well, he cannot come out and say that because it is a lie. If you recall, though, that was the original charge — that Trump openly mocked the specific handicap of this reporter. But now that everyone knows that this accusation is a lie, in order to keep the accusation alive, Tapper weasels his words into the more generalized charge that Trump “make[s] fun of disabled people” — as though Trump should condescend to the handicapped and treat dishonest reporters with a disability any different from dishonest reporters without one.

Tapper is infamous for lying through omission. In one of his most talked about interviews,  in February of 2016, Tapper asked then-candidate Trump to denounce David Duke and the KKK … again. But it was the “again” part Tapper chose to leave out. Although a mere two days earlier, and without being asked to, Trump had disavowed Duke, Tapper chose not to tell his audience this.


Why would Tapper not inform his viewers that Trump had already disavowed Duke while asking Trump to disavow Duke?

I think the question answers itself.

Asking Trump to again disavow Duke is in and of itself the worst kind of biased reporting, an act of outright character assassination. To not tell his viewers that Trump had already done so, and done so without being prompted, is, to any honest observer, flat-out lying.

The king of dishonest semantics struck again in February of 2017. Although President Trump spoke on the phone and expressed his sympathy to Prime Minister Trudeau after an attack on a mosque in Canada, although the White House quickly condemned the attack as a “senseless act of violence” backed by an offer from Trump himself “to support the Canadian police and intelligence service in any way necessary,” in order to make it sound as though Trump is an anti-Muslim bigot who did none of this, here is how Tapper phrased a question to White House Counselor KellyAnne Conway:

I want to ask you, in Quebec City last week, a white right-wing terrorist opened fire on a mosque filled with men, women and children,” the left-wing anchor asked. “President Trump hasn’t tweeted one thing about this. Why hasn’t he offered sympathy to the neighbors in the north?

Now, again, look at the sleazy way in which Tapper phrases the question: “President Trump hasn’t said or tweeted one public word about this.”

Although that question is in and of itself dishonest — the White House and the press secretary speak for the president and did so a week earlier — in Tapper’s defense, it was true that Trump had not tweeted or made a personal statement on the mosque attack. And that is a fair question to ask. But Tapper isn’t interested in asking fair questions, he’s was only interested in smearing the man who made him fall completely apart and drop his partisan mask in front of the whole world on election night. So…

Tapper immediately sneaks in this provable lie — “Why hasn’t he offered sympathy to the neighbors in the north?” — when Tapper knows full well that just a week earlier, Trump personally called Trudeau to do exactly that. We know Tapper knows this because the White House released the details of Trump’s personal expression of sympathy to the media.

Well, again, In Tapper’s defense, it doesn’t look as though CNN bothered to cover Trump’s sympathetic phone call with Trudeau. And if you only get your news from The Most Fake News Name In All Of Fake News, you’re going to miss a few inconvenient facts.

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