Fox News Viewers Demand Shep Smith be Fired After Error-Filled Uranium One Report: ‘Send Him to CNN’

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In the wake of Fox News anchor Shepard Smith’s six-minute fallacy-filled Uranium One “fact check” rant on Tuesday, social media is brimming with enraged Fox viewers calling for the network to dump the longtime host and “send him to CNN.”

Several left-wing and establishment media outlets reported some of the more searing social media screeds from fans of Fox, many of whom wished the cabler would part ways with its liberal broadcaster.

Breitbart News has debunked the myths peddled in Smith’s monologue. Below is a roundup of some of the best headlines and social media posts from angry and disappointed Fox fans.

From left-wing Salon, which called Smith’s Uranium One segment “awe-inspiring”:

Fox News viewers declare war on Shepard Smith for debunking Uranium One conspiracy

The segment did not go over well with Fox News viewers, who were hoping that the scandal would distract from the disasters plaguing the Trump administration. Fox’s audience took to Twitter to express their disgust in Smith and some even called for his firing.

From Raw Story:

‘HE HAS TO GO!!!’ Fox fans furious after Shep Smith blows up right-wing conspiracy about Uranium One

Explaining the facts was seen as a betrayal by Fox News viewers, who seemed to prefer the network parrot White House talking points absent journalistic examination.

From the New York Daily News: 

SEE IT: Fox News viewers outraged after Shepard Smith debunks Hillary Clinton uranium ‘scandal’

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith is under fire from his own viewers after he debunked what the network dubbed the Hillary Clinton uranium “scandal.”

Some even suggested he ought to look for work at liberal rivals CNN and MSNBC.

Fox News loyalists took to Twitter after the broadcast to bash Smith, and call for his removal from the network.

“Get Shepard Smith off of Fox. He’s arrogant and doing his own spin. Nobody knows how deep the left’s conspiracy goes and Shepherd Smith has ZERO inside info because nobody trusts him. OUT!” Brook West tweeted.

“The worst part of a relaxing day is when Shepard Smith starts talking. He is a smarta– that needs to be on CNN,” Jana Jo said.

 Below is a roundup of some of the reaction to Smith’s so-called “fact-check.”

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