Chuck Todd’s Roy Moore Hypocrisy: NBC’s Haven of Homophobes, Accused Sex Abusers, and Enablers

Chuck Todd

NBC is currently in full Kill Roy Moore and Donald Trump mode. It was fascinating watching those moments from Sunday’s Meet the Press as host Chuck Todd and his one-sided panel piously blasted away at Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore and his supporters.

Ann Althouse put it best, describing the whole charade as “cheesy emoting in the Theater of Sanctimony.” What struck me even more was the hypocrisy, because Todd’s own employer, NBC, has become a haven for homophobes, accused sex abusers, and their enablers.

On top of that, NBC’s Megyn Kelly, who says she fled Fox News in part over alleged sexual harassment, is now going hard after President Trump on the issue while she herself works in NBC’s den accused abusers, enablers, and homophobes.

Let’s start with the homophobes — and unlike the left, that is not a world I use lightly….

  • Homophobe Joy Reid: MSNBC Anchor and Meet the Press Panelist – Currently Employed

For two years, while a grown woman in her 40s and with ten years of journalism under her belt, Reid went on a gay-bashing crusade against Charlie Crist, who was then ther Republican governor of Florida. She ridiculed his wife. She trafficked in the worst kind of anti-gay stereotypes, she still works for NBC.

  • Homophobe Alec Baldwin: Saturday Night Live Star – Currently Employed

Baldwin’s history of being abusive towards women, including his own daughter, and rampant homophobia, was very well documented even before NBC hired him.

Now we will take a look at the enablers and accused abusers still employed by NBC

  • Enabler Mika Brzezinski: Co-Host Morning Joe – Currently Employed

Although Leeann Tweeden has incontrovertible proof that disgraced Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) groped her in her sleep (there is a photograph), Brzezinski still questioned those allegations by slut-shaming Tweeden. This of course is the exact kind of enabling we saw from the media during the Bill Clinton years. Despite proof, like a blue dress and contemporaneous witnesses, the left-wing media elites who infest America’s newsrooms have always sought to personally destroy victims of Democrats.

  • Mike Tirico: NBC Sports Anchor – Currently Employed

NBC hired Tirico in 2016 to replace Bob Costas as anchor of the upcoming Winter Olympics, and by doing so, overlooked allegations that include “stalking, groping and making explicit comments to female colleagues.

It is worth nothing that the allegations against Tirico are 25 years old,  but are still fresher than the allegations against Roy Moore.

  • Countless NBC News Executives and Staffers

We know for a fact that everyone knew about Matt Lauer and Mark Halperin. We know this because people within NBC and journalists outside of NBC have told us so.

Now we will take a look at the accused abusers and harassers, who are some of the most prominent faces in the history of NBC.

  • Larry Gaetano: NBC News Senior Director of News Engineering

After 20 years with NBC News, Gaetano was fired last week over allegations of misconduct, something NBC apparently was aware of for a while. TV Newser reports:  “While the initial investigation didn’t rise to the level of termination, we’re told that new info recently trickled in, which was sufficient enough for the network to determine that Gaetano could no longer serve in his role.”

  • Harold Ford Jr.: Prominent Morning Joe Contributor

The former Democrat congressman was suspended by NBC News last week after Morgan Stanley fired him over allegations of “harassment, intimidation, and forcibly grabbing a woman several years ago.”

  • Matt Zimmerman: Executive at NBC’s Today Show

Fired in November over allegations of sexual harassment.

  • Matt Lauer: The Face of NBC News for 20 Years

Fired in November over numerous allegations of  sexual misconduct that includes harassment, flashing, preying on interns and production assistants.

  • David Corn – Prominent MSNBC Analyst

Under investigation over allegations he “inappropriately touched female co-workers and made jokes  about rape and women’s sexuality and anatomy.”

  • Mark Halperin – Morning Joe Analyst

Fired over allegations of harassment, misconduct, rubbing erect (but clothed) penis up against female staffers, masturbating in front of a staffer.

NBC is staffed only by homophobes, sex abusers, their enablers, and their victims. And so far only a handful of them have been fired.

So while Chuck Todd and his one-sided panel of sanctimony lectures the rest of us about morality, decency, and doing the right thing, they do so within a den of hate, bigotry, misconduct, abuse, and the people who for decades have enabled all of it.

Chuck Todd pretending to have any kind of moral authority is just another example of NBC spreading fake news.

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