Second Accuser: Parkland Student’s Father Says CNN Only Interested in ‘Certain Narrative’

Jake Tapper, of CNN's State of the Union, speaks to a crowd at the Harvard Institute of Politics Forum before Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway and Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook enter the room for an event titled 'War Stories: Inside Campaign 2016' on December 1, 2016 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. …
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A second accuser has come forward with the credible allegation that CNN is only interested in interviewing those willing to “espouse a certain narrative” in favor of gun control.

On Thursday night, Fox News’s Laura Ingraham spoke with Andrew Klein, the father of one of students who survived last week’s school shooting massacre in Parkland, Florida.

Ingraham pointed out, accurately, that  CNN’s widely-criticized Wednesday night townhall event was one-sided. The questioners were all anti-gun, all opposed the NRA, and launched venomous personal attacks against Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch.

Jake Tapper, the anti-Trump/anti-gun pundit who moderated the spectacle, also had an audience of thousands who all appeared to be rabidly anti-gun — going so far as to boo a rape victim as Tapper remained silent. Tapper has yet to disavow his audience’s behavior or to apologize to the rape survivor.

Klein informed Ingraham that his experience with the anti-gun cable channel was similar to that of Colton Haab, the shooting survivor and JROTC member being hailed as a hero for leading his fellow students to safety during the massacre.

Haab has credibly claimed that he dropped out of the townhall event after CNN demanded he read one of their scripted questions. Haab wanted to ask about school security. On three separate occasions now, CNN has publicly called Haab a liar.

Klein said of CNN’s one-sided townhall: “Laura, that’s not surprising at all. I actually spoke to a CNN producer on Thursday, the day after the shooting,” he said, adding, “and the producer insinuated to me they were looking for people who were willing to espouse a certain narrative, which was taking the tragedy and turning it into a policy debate; and I read that as being a gun control debate.”

When by Ingraham specifically what the CNN producer said, Klein reported, “The producer said we are looking for people who want to talk about the policy implications about what happened in terms of — she didn’t mention guns —  the policy implications for preventing mass shootings.”

Klein’s and Haab’s allegations are seen by many as credible due to CNN’s previous scandals. On numerous occasions the last-place network has been caught using left-wing plants. The far-left CNN is also facing a  credibility crisis due to multiple fake news reports — only some of which have been retracted or corrected.

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