Bernie Sanders ‘Income Inequality’ Town Hall Humiliates CNN in Ratings

Bernie Sanders at SxSW Festival 2018
YouTube Video Screenshot: South by Southwest Festival

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and filmmaker Michael Moore partnered with some left-wing outlets to offer a 90 minute town hall about income inequality Monday night. It drew 1.7 million viewers — a million-plus more viewers than the measly 966,000 viewers the far-left CNN drew on average throughout last Monday night.

Sanders, Warren, and Moore — three senior citizens with an average age of 347 — sat around for 90 minutes to discuss income inequality in a town hall broadcast online, and it smoked CNN.

Kidding aside, 1.7 million viewers is not a whole lot in a country of 330 million. Assuming the town hall did not strip away any cable news viewers (we won’t know cable viewership from Monday for a couple days), we do know that last Monday night Fox News and MSNBC drew 2.7 million and 2.4 million, respectively.

Nevertheless, what does this say about CNN’s ongoing epic failure to draw viewers.

Let’s also put aside partisanship. Sanders, Warren, and Moore got together to talk seriously about an issue, to discuss it in depth and treat it with some seriousness. And by doing this, they earned 1.7 million viewers.

Meanwhile, over at CNN it is 24/7 RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! PORN! PORN! PORN! RUSSIA! PORN! PORN RUSSIA! RUSSIA! PORN! GIVE UP YOUR GUNS! And by doing this, CNN averages a little more than half the viewers earned by Bernie’s town hall.

And during their town hall, without mentioning the anti-Trump network, Moore and Sanders did talk about CNN. “Bernie, I didn’t see hardly anything in the corporate media about this, on any of the networks, even some of the networks that we watch were you know—Russia, turn the channel, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia,” Moore said. “I’m not saying that’s not important.”

Sanders replied: “Talk about Stormy Daniels.”

Sanders previously mocked CNN’s porn fetish.

CNN’s ongoing train wreck of conspiracy theories, sleaze, rumor, virtue-signaling, and exhibitionism, is now drawing fewer viewers than three geezer socialists.

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