New York Times Bigot Sarah Jeong Repeatedly Trashed the New York Times

INSET: Writer Sarah Jeong. NEW YORK, NY - JULY 27: The New York Times building stands in M
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The New York Times went out on a limb to defend its new hire, Sarah Jeong, after the far-left writer’s long history of racist tweets drew public attention. Since then, more posts have surfaced showing Jeong’s history of trashing the very newspaper that now defends her.

Before being hired to serve on the paper’s editorial board, Jeong made a hobby of publicly trashing the New York Times and its columnists. As Jeong said in 2013:

Jeong’s ham-fisted excuse for her racist tweets, which include multiple tweets comparing white people to dogs and another expressing “joy” in being “cruel to old white men,” was that she was “imitating the rhetoric” of trolls who attacked her. The New York Times uncritically repeated that excuse in its statement defending Jeong. It’s unclear how her attacks on the paper follow the same logic, unless there’s some hitherto unknown pro-Times sentiment among the web’s trolling communities.

As recently as last year, Jeong was making flippant, celebratory comments about a lawsuit against her future employer.

It’s unclear what lawsuit Jeong’s tweet refers to. There were two lawsuits against the New York Times filed shortly before Jeong’s tweet; one filed by a coal executive who claimed the paper falsely accused him of lying, and another by an Ohio State University cancer researcher who said the paper defamed him.

In addition to apparently celebrating lawsuits against the Times, Sarah Jeong also had a habit of publicly trashing its most prominent columnists. Her most recent comments were made little over a year ago.

According to a 2014 tweet, Jeong would happily fire every centrist and moderate conservative who pens columns for the Times.

She really doesn’t like Nicholas Kristof. Or David Brooks.

Jeong also seems to harbor a particular dislike for longtime New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman.

I wonder what Friedman thinks about Jeong being on the editorial board?

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