Nolte: Usual Suspects Freak Out over Trump’s ‘Kansas City’ Tweet Error

DALLAS, TX - SEPTEMBER 14: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the American Airlines Center on September 14, 2015 in Dallas, Texas. More than 20,000 tickets have been distributed for the event. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
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During Obama’s failed presidency, Chuck Todd’s favorite word was “overreach.” Every time Obama made a booboo — you know, a booboo like funneling guns to Mexican drug cartels or abandoning Americans to die in Benghazi or stripping millions of their health insurance or droning an American citizen without due process, Todd would always put the political media on “Overreach Alert.”

“Yes, four American died in Libya, but the real issue here is how will Republicans overreach in their criticism?” Todd would ask.

You see, that’s how the fake news media would take the focus off all the terrible things Their Precious had done to blast away at the GOP.

So guess which word the media have retired in the era of Trump — I mean, besides “truth,” “integrity,” and “professionalism?”

Yep, “overreach.”

It’s so weird, too… Even after three years of the Russia Collusion Hoax, even after the Stormy Daniels debacle, the obscene hunt for Brett Kavanaugh’s head, and this utterly failed Impeachment Hoax, no one in the corporate media dares to whisper the word … overreach.

But if you really want to talk about overreach, how about the Sunday freak-out over Trump confusing the state of Kansas and the state of Missouri with respect to Kansas City’s Super Bowl win.

After the Kansas City Chiefs won the game, the president fired off a tweet congratulating the state of Kansas for their win.

Trump’s error is that the Kansas City the Chiefs hail from is the Kansas City in Missouri, not the Kansas City in Kansas. Trump quickly deleted his error and published a new tweet congratulating Missouri.

Did Trump make a mistake? Yes.

Did Trump make a dumb mistake? Yes.

Did Trump make the kind of mistake you might not want to make when the fate of your second term lies in the Midwest? Who knows…

Fine, fine, fine…

But isn’t this also what we kind of like about the guy?

What I mean is, he frequently makes the same silly mistakes we do — and confusing Kansas City, Missouri, with Kansas City, Kansas, is pretty easy to do. Who among us…?

Plus, errors like this one, or the spelling and grammatical errors he sometimes makes, also prove he’s not focus-grouping every tweet; he’s not running them through some painful committee process. He’s just a guy telling us what he thinks, and with that comes silly mistakes that are, well… Relatable and human, no?

And now we come to the “overreach.”

Trump’s silly errors always end up benefiting him, not only for the reasons listed above, but by way of how the people who hate and despise him always, always, always respond. And of course I mean the freaks on the far left, the freaks in the corporate media, and the Vichy Republicans still on the Never Trump grift.

How can they not see by now just how small, petty, unattractive, and hateful they look — how lacking in graciousness and unforgiving they look , as they get hysterical over something so meaningless, and yes, I’ll say it again — human?

Look at this….

And no news cycle would be complete without the same idiot who told us Hillary’s health didn’t matter now informing us this Kansas thing “absolutely matters.”

Here’s the same idiot who failed to qualify to get on the GOP presidential ballot in some states because rules are hard ’n stuff:

I’m not saying you ignore the error; I’m not even saying you don’t tweak him over it, but this reaction is just mental. It’s a confederacy of neurotics launching hot takes about what a perfectly human error really means, and how it legitimizes everything they have ever said and believed, and, and and… DON’T YOU SEE, YOU IDIOTIC TRUMP SUPPORTERS, THIS PROVES ME RIGHT AND YOU WRONG????

Trump critics will argue Trump loves to capitalize on the mistakes of others, and that’s a fair point. But when he does, he’s just doing what he does best — breaking balls with a twinkle in his eye. He’s having some fun with it, not shrieking SEE! SEE! I TOLD YOU MY EX-WIFE IS AN EVIL WITCH WHO MUST BE SHUNNED AND BURNED. ADMIT I’M RIGHT! ADMIT I’M RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING! ADMIT IT! ADMIT IT!

My God, what an exhausting and joyless way to live.


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