Nolte: 53 Times the Establishment Media Said ‘Chinese’ or ‘Wuhan’ Virus

U.S. President Donald Trump gets into a heated exchange with CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta on November 7, 2018 | Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images
Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

The establishment media continue to prove how unserious they are about this pandemic by freaking out over President Trump correctly referring to the Wuhan coronavirus as the “Chinese virus” — when the truth is that they themselves did this over 50 times.

The Chinese are desperate to blame the American military for this outbreak, and as commander-in-chief, Trump is absolutely correct to set the record straight.

Nevertheless, even as President Trump announced something as consequential as invoking the Defense Production Act, like a couple of bratty girls, staffers at PBS and NBC attacked Trump at his Wednesday briefing as racist for accurately pointing out where the virus originated.

Here’s NBC using “dozens of bias incidents” as emotional blackmail to stop the president from being concise and accurate about this pandemic:

Here’s a staffer for the welfare queens at PBS using an unnamed source to crybaby:

Here’s NBC’s Richard Engel proving he does not take this pandemic seriously as he does China’s public relations work:

Sorry, these are just not serious people.

To begin with, as has been previously documented, there is longstanding precedent for naming a disease or virus after the place it originated, or where it was located, or where a notable outbreak occurred. This includes lily-white Lyme, Connecticut — home of Lyme Disease.

So, suddenly, this long-held practice that does not discriminate … does?

Of course not. But here we are, staring down the throat of a worldwide pandemic that has already shut down our economy, and the media simply refuse to take the crisis seriously, choosing instead to continue to play their partisan gotcha games.

Americans are desperate for information from their president, and these partisan babies are doing everything to distract from the issue at hand.

A serious media would not behave this way.

Worse still, it was — as is documented below — this very same media (from pretty much every network and publication) that spent months seeding the terms “Wuhan Virus” and “Chinese Virus,” and variations of that, into the American lexicon.

We call it the “Wuhan Virus” because the media called it that for months!

We call it the “Chinese Virus” because the media called it hat for months!

As you will see below, between the written list (which has been floating around for a while) and the video compilation, we’re talking about at least 53 times. And you know there are more instances out there…

  1. “Japan and Thailand Confirm New Cases of Chinese Coronavirus,” The New York Times, 1/15/20
  2. “The CDC and Homeland Security begin screening for Chinese Coronavirus at three major US airports as outbreak spreads in Asia,” CNBC, 1/17/20
  3. “Vaccine for new Chinese coronavirus in the works,” CNN, 1/20/20
  4. “First U.S. case of potentially deadly Chinese coronavirus confirmed in Washington state,” Washington Post, 1/21/20
  5. “Chinese coronavirus outbreak has reached U.S. shores, CDC says,” Los Angeles Times, 1/21/20
  6. “The First Case Of The Chinese Coronavirus Has Hit The US, CDC Reports,” Buzzfeed,1/21/20
  7. “First case of Chinese coronavirus confirmed in Washington state,” NBC’s Today Show, 1/24/20
  8. “Chinese coronavirus infections, death toll soar as fifth case is confirmed in U.S.,” Washington Post, 1/26/20
  9. “Japan confirms case of new Chinese virus, spread is ‘concerning,’” Reuters, 1/15/20
  10. “How the Chinese virus outbreak impacts Lunar New Year travel,” National Geographic, 1/24/20
  11. “China coronavirus ‘spreads before symptoms show,’” BBC, 1/26/20
  12. “Over a thousand ‘likely’ infected by Wuhan virus in China: Study,” Al Jazeera,1/18/20
  13. “Stop the Wuhan virus,” Nature Magazine editorial, 1/21/20)
  14. “China confirms Wuhan virus can be spread by humans,” CNN, 1/22/20
  15. “First U.S. Case Reported of Deadly Wuhan Virus,” Wall Street Journal, 1/22/20
  16. “Here are the symptoms of the deadly Wuhan coronavirus and when you should be worried,” Business Insider, 1/22/20
  17. “Something Far Deadlier Than The Wuhan Virus Lurks Near You,” Kaiser Health News, 1/24/20
  18. “With Wuhan virus genetic code in hand, scientists begin work on a vaccine,” Reuters, 1/24/20
  19. “The Wuhan Virus: How to Stay Safe,” Foreign Policy, 1/25/20
  20. “Something Far Deadlier Than The Wuhan Virus Lurks Near You,” USA Today, 1/29/20
  21. “10-Year-Old Boy Raises Fears Wuhan Virus Could Spread Undetected,” Bloomberg, 1/29/20
  22. “Your Questions About Wuhan Coronavirus, Answered, National Public Radio, 1/30/20
  23. “Will the Wuhan virus become a pandemic?” The Economist, 1/30/20
    1. NOTE: The photo in this article was on their COVER for this issue.

This fantastic video compilation includes over 30 instances of CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and others drumming “Wuhan” and “Chinese” into our heads:

As I mentioned in my countdown of 11 lies the media have already told about the Wuhan coronavirus…

“To sum this up, the fake news media flood these words and terms into the American lexicon, and then sanctimoniously turn around and attack those who repeat them as racist.”

These are not good people… And they’re certainly not serious people.

But just don’t call them the enemy of the people because … that would be wrong.

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