Economist Magazine Predicts Joe Biden Has 87% Chance of Winning in November

Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden speaking with supporters at a communi
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The Economist magazine predicted Joe Biden has an 87 percent chance of winning the general election in November.

Echoing similar predictions in 2016, the Economist analyzed “polling, economic and demographic data” to declare Joe Biden “is very likely to beat Donald Trump in the electoral college.”

The magazine claimed, as of Wednesday evening, that Biden has an 87 percent chance of winning, while Trump has only a 13 percent chance.

(The Economist — June 24, 2020)

The Economist stated it believed Biden has a 98 percent chance of winning the “most states” in November and estimated Biden could win as many as 412 electoral votes. It takes 270 votes to win the presidency.

As of June 23rd, the magazine projected Biden will win 337 electoral votes.

On October 18, 2016, the New York Times predicted Hillary Clinton had a 91 percent chance of defeating Donald Trump.

The paper claimed on election night — November 8th, 2016 — that Clinton’s chances had decreased to 85 percent.

Trump, of course, went on to defeat Clinton.

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