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National Review: The Decline and Fall of The Economist

The National Review magazine has published a scathing indictment of the fortunes of the Economist, which has taken a hard stance against President Donald Trump, while supporting the deep state and European integration.


UK Economist Mag: Trump ‘Unfit,’ He ‘Must Be Stopped’

The British flagship financial magazine The Economist, considered one of the preeminent voices of the global financial, business and political elite, has waded boldly into U.S. politics, publicly calling for a Trump ouster from the race for Republican nominee with a

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Christianity Implodes in Europe; Explodes in Africa

Christianity is experiencing an unprecedented boom on the African continent and now accounts for more than half of Africa’s total population, while Christian affiliation and practice continue to ebb in Europe, signaling a major demographic shift in global Christianity. An

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Financial Woes Threaten to Cripple Islamic State

An essay in this week’s issue of The Economist suggests that for the first time since its birth, the Islamic State may be running aground on financial shoals, prompting some “to ask whether IS will survive.”

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Duke Researcher: Owning A Car ’80 Percent’ Riskier Than Owning A Gun

Like a sledge hammer falling on a glass table, Duke Researcher Chris Conover has dropped scholarly methods and results on the anti-gun rhetoric regarding gun ownership versus car ownership to show that owning a car is “80 percent” riskier than owning a gun, as it relates to the lives of others.


The Economist: America Averages One Mass Shooting a Day

On August 1, The Economist claimed America averages one mass shooting a day, and they countered the impulse to use a gun to defend oneself from mass shooters by suggesting “the impulse to self-defense… is natural, but mistaken.”


The War on Men: Males Bear Brunt of Global Violence

A recent article in The Economist reminds readers of the sobering reality that men are the primary victims of violence in the world and their situation is getting worse, not better.

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Want to Help Men? Heal Marriage

In the U.S. today, all the focus seems to be on gay marriage. It’s a central topic at the Supreme Court this month, for example. But the real story isn’t the death of men; it’s the death of marriage.


Hit Me with Your Best Shot: The Economist’s Epic Fail on Guns

On April 4, The Economist mocked the NRA and Second Amendment supporters with a column that turned out to be an epic fail because it was built on numbers from a debunked Everytown for Gun Safety study, an erroneous claim that “armor piercing” M855 ammo endangers police, and a not-so-veiled attempt to undercut the push to arm women for self-defense on college campuses.

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The Economist: Guns More Dangerous Than Cars

In a column dated January 10 The Economist (TE) argues that “tougher laws and less driving by young people” under the age of 25 have led to safer streets while a lack of more laws on guns means “death by guns [has] been trending slightly upward.”

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