Nolte: Nick Sandmann’s Lawyer Lin Wood to Represent Carter Page Against Media

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Nick Sandmann’s lawyer, Lin Wood, has agreed to represent Carter Page, the former Trump campaign staffer falsely accused of being a Russian agent.

“Late last year I planned to ‘semi-retire’ to write and focus on Nick Sandmann cases. Things have changed in the past few months,” Wood tweeted this week. “Yahoo, HuffPo and [Michael] Isikoff falsely accused Carter Page of being a traitor and tried to ruin him. I have agreed to represent Carter Page.”

Wood closed his tweet with the hashtag “#FightBack.”

Wood has just successfully sued both the far-left Washington Post and the far-left CNNLOL for maliciously smearing Sandmann, a high school student guilty of nothing more than wearing a Make America Great Again hat. In January of 2019 in Washington DC, Sandmann was bullied by an American Indian banging a drum. Sandmann refused to move out of the man’s way after his space was encroached on, and these rancid and corrupt outlets spent countless hours turning Sandmann into a racist, a national villain. It was one of the sickest things the media have ever done, especially when you consider Sandmann is just a kid.

Wood is not done with obtaining justice for Sandmann. Legal action is pending against a number of other far-left outlets, including the New York Times, NBC, CBS, and ABC.

What’s more, Wood might not be done with CNNLOL. Wood has accused CNNLOL’s anti-Trump activist, Brian Stelter, of breaching the confidentiality in the settlement. “Brian Stelter is a liar,” Wood tweeted Monday. “I know how to deal with liars.”

Wood, who turns 68 this year, made a name for himself in the 1990s representing Richard Jewell, the hero of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta.

Jewell, a diligent security guard, found the bomb and risked his own life to move a massive crowd out of danger. He saved countless lives and the FBI and media paid him back by tagging him as the likely bomber, as an overweight, Southern, wannabe-cop and mama’s boy who planted the bomb to make himself the hero.

On Jewell’s behalf, Wood successfully sued a number of media outlets, including usual suspects at NBC and CNNLOL. The Jewell case was recently dramatized in the Clint Eastwood movie Richard Jewell. Although the character went by the name Watson Bryant, Oscar-winner Sam Rockwell portrayed Jewell’s lawyer.

So now, on behalf of Page, Wood will turn his righteous talents on the far-left Yahoo, Huffington Post, and that Deep State stooge Michael Isikof.

Page, a former foreign policy adviser for the 2016 Trump campaign, has been fully vindicated by every investigation — including Robert Mueller’s — into the media’s and FBI’s Russia Collusion Hoax against Trump. Nevertheless, thanks primarily to Yahoo’s deep state stooge Isikof, for three years Page was tattooed as an American traitor, as a Russian spy rigging a presidential election.

It all began when Iskoff basically played stenographer for Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele, the author of what we now know was a totally fabricated dossier that falsely accused Trump of colluding with the Russians.

In 2016, Isikoff “broke” the story that Page was under federal investigation for his ties to the Russian government, and until he was finally cleared some three years later, Page’s life became the stuff of nightmares as the corporate media portrayed him as a traitor and worse.

Page was also the victim of four FISA warrants, warrants that allowed the Obama administration, by way of James Comey’s FBI, to spy on him. We now know the warrant applications were basically fraudulent, that they presented Steele’s phony dossier (an oppo-research document paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign) as credible. We also know the warrants listed the Isikoff piece as a separate, independent source, even though, as I mentioned above, Isikof was basically playing stenographer for the same source.

There are plenty of other bad actors in this un-American drama, so don’t be surprised if Wood’s legal targets widen over time.

The establishment media simply must be held accountable for their wretched, partisan, and deliberate acts of character assassination. America needs a whole lot more Lin Woods.


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