Donald Trump: Corporate Media ‘Bought Out By China’

US President Donald Trump addresses the nation from the Oval Office about the widening Coronavirus crisis on March 11, in Washington, DC. Doug Mills/New York Times/Pool/Getty Image
Doug Mills/New York Times/Pool/Getty Images

President Donald Trump argued Thursday that corporate media outlets refused to cover his aggressive actions toward China because they were “bought out” by the oriental power.

“There’s been nobody tougher to China or to Russia or to anybody else than I have, despite a media bought out by China,” Trump said.

The president commented on China during an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday morning.

Trump argued that the media liked to focus more on Russia to distract from the much bigger issues posed by China.

“Do you ever notice, they always say Russia, Russia, Russia. They don’t mention China, China, China, because most of these people, they’re like the NBA, they’re bought off by China because China is the big pot of gold,” he said.

Trump said that China treated the United States terribly under previous administrations.

“They treat us like children because we had foolish leadership,” Trump said. “I’m being nice when I use the word foolish, we had very foolish leadership at the top, at the presidential level.”

The president also appeared comfortable with ending incentives to Hong Kong, after China moved to seize power and launch a crackdown on protests.

“Hong Kong, if you use a business term, it’s owned by China. So why should I give this to China?” he asked.

Without incentives from the United States, Trump argued, Hong Kong markets would “go to hell.”

“Very few people are going to do business in Hong Kong anymore,” he said.


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