Scarborough Rips the ‘Stupidity’ of Trump Supporters Being Anti-Mask — ‘It Is a Cult at This Point’

Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted (R-OH) on Monday opened for President Donald Trump’s rally at the Dayton International Airport. Husted discussed statewide mask mandates amid the coronavirus pandemic, which was not received well by members of the crowd.

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough reacted to the “stupidity” of rallygoers booing mask mandates, calling Trump supporters members of a “cult.”

“[T]he stupidity, actually, that is exhibited there, and I’ll say it — like the people in the crowd have heard their own president say on tape privately that this spreads through the air,” Scarborough said Tuesday after airing a clip from the rally. “They’ve heard Donald Trump’s own government say repeatedly to wear a mask, that it not only saves lives — get this, idiots that are in the audience booing, wearing a mask, get this — it saves jobs. If you don’t give a damn about people’s lives, how about giving a damn about your job or your neighbor’s job? Or your children’s job. Or anybody’s job?”

“This economy is not getting better,” he added. “Over the past several weeks, I’ve heard one business person from another throughout our economic infrastructure telling me that 2021 is going to be terrible.”

Scarborough went on to question why Trump voters continue to support him and refuse to wear masks when he has been “lying” about the virus.

“It is beyond rationalizing,” he added.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski replied, “It’s a cult at this point.”

“It is a cult at this point,” Scarborough agreed.

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