‘State of the Union Is Disunity and Division’: AP Rips Biden Before Tuesday Speech 

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The centerpiece of the establishment media on Monday diagnosed President Biden’s state of the union as rife with “disunity and division.”

One day before Biden is set to deliver the State of the Union Address, the Associated Press (AP) preempted his speech with an article describing the actual state of the country as one of “disunity, funk and peril.” The article slammed Biden for his leadership during a time when the nation’s “strength is being sharply tested from within — and now from afar.”

The outlet slammed Biden’s state of the union as weak, hinting he should not declare, “The state of our union is strong,” in Tuesday’s speech.

“It’s a state of exhaustion from the pandemic,” the outlet stated. “It’s about feeling gouged at the grocery store and gas pump. It’s so low that some Americans, including prominent ones, are exalting Russian President Vladimir Putin in his attack on a democracy,” the article said, and drew comparisons with Jimmy Carter’s time in office, when Carter said the nation was in the midst of a ‘crisis of confidence.’

The AP pointed to polling and data to back up its diagnosis:

  • Only 29% of Americans think the nation is on the right track, according to the February poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.
  • In December’s AP-NORC poll, most said economic conditions are poor and inflation has hit them on food and gas.
  • Most Americans are vaccinated against COVID-19, but debates over masks and mandates have torn apart communities and families.
  • Consumer prices over the past 12 months jumped 7.5%, the highest since 1982, as many pay raises were swallowed up.
  • Measures of happiness have hit a bottom, with fewer Americans saying they are very happy in the 2021 General Social Survey than ever before in five decades of asking them.

There are other terrible metrics for Biden, which speak to the challenges his party will face come the November midterms:

  • Fifty-six percent of Americans say Biden’s first year in office was a failure, according to NPR polling.
  • Fifty-eight percent say Biden’s America is worse off than they were one year ago, according to Fox News polling.
  • Another fifty percent believe they have less money in their pockets, a Fox News poll showed.

In Biden’s first year as president, inflation has increased to a 40-year-high. Supply chain woes have continued. More than two million migrants have been apprehended at the southern border. Gas prices have risen by $1.00 since last year. Fentanyl has become the greatest killer among 18-45-year-olds. Weekly wages have tanked. And the deadly Afghan withdrawal deeply embarrassed the nation.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced on Friday it was dropping indoor mask mandates, just in time for President Biden’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday.

Despite no change in the science of coronavirus transmission, senators, representatives, and those in the gallery will no longer be required to wear a mask. The mask requirement being dropped just days before Biden’s speech reportedly coincides with his strategy to suggest he has once again defeated coronavirus.

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