Republicans Blast Soros-Funded Latino Radio Acquisitions: FCC Should Scrutinize ‘Blatant, Partisan’ Deal

In 2012, radio personalities (left to right) Oscar Haz, Armando Perez Roura, and Ninoska P
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A group of prominent Republican lawmakers – including Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Tom Cotton (R-AR), and Rick Scott (R-FL) – is urging the Federal Communications Commission to scrutinize the recent deal to buy 18 Spanish-language radio stations by a Democrat-affiliated group, saying the deal represents a “blatant, partisan” attempt to silence dissenting voices.

In a letter sent to the FCC on Wednesday, they said the acquisition, partially financed by an organization tied to leftist billionaire George Soros, is an attempt to exert political control over Latino communities, which are turning against Democrats in record numbers.

Far from benign, the proposed sale is the latest in a series of moves by elite progressives desperate to claw back support from Hispanic voters,” the letter said.

The end goal is to “flood the airwaves with propaganda with the hopes of fooling  listeners so that they can silence effective conservative voices who challenge their progressive propaganda.”

Among the other signatories of the letter are Reps. María Elvira Salazar (R-FL), Carlos Giménez (R-FL), and Mario Díaz-Balart (R-FL).

The purchase of the 18 radio stations, including Miami’s Radio Mambí, is being carried out by a newly formed entity called the Latino Media Network (LMN), headed by former Obama administration personnel. The stations had been owned by the Univisión-Televisa media conglomerate.

In their letter, the GOP lawmakers raised concerns about the LMN, including its lack of radio experience as well as “the potential involvement of foreign funding.” FCC rules forbid foreign ownership of domestic radio stations.

“Any takeover of this scale and speed, especially when critical questions remain about  LMN and its lack of operational experience, must be analyzed with extraordinary scrutiny,” the letter concluded.

The LMN reportedly raised $80 million to buy the 18 stations. Among the investors are Democrat actress Eva Longoria, who co-hosted the 2020 Democratic National Convention, and an investment fund called Lakestar Finance, which is tied to Soros Fund Management.

Latinos are turning their backs on Democrats in unprecedented numbers as out-of-control inflation and soaring gas prices have hit families hard in the wallet. A recent poll showed that President Joe Biden’s approval rating with Hispanic Americans has plummeted to just 24 percent, while nearly 6-in-10 disapprove of his performance.

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