If you’re shocked by Monday’s utterly predictable nine-to-zero Supreme Court decision, you must be one of the few remaining morons who believe the corporate media.

The very idea that the Supreme Court would allow the states to remove a presidential candidate from the state ballot was pure hopium being pumped by a corporate media that knew better but didn’t care. These liars only care about one thing: cynically hooking as many suckers, gulls, and dummies as possible.

Even the idea it would be a six-to-three decision was insane. Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, and Ketanji Brown Jackson might be far-left extremists, but they can look down the road and see where this chaos would lead. If a judge, bureaucrat, or whomever could remove a presidential candidate from a state ballot…Where would that kind of insanity end? Candidates of both parties would be removed all over the nation. Talk about democracy being dead.

Then you add to that the fact that former President Donald Trump has never been convicted of anything that would justify such a drastic measure.

Millions of people want to vote for a presidential candidate, and without even a moment of due process, a member of the opposition party says, Nope, I’m taking away your right to vote. This is nothing short of allowing tyrants to abuse their position and destroy our God-given American right to self-governance.

So, no, I’m not at all surprised by this decision, nor am I surprised the decision is nine-to-zero. Why? Because I’m not an idiot. Above all, I don’t allow the corporate media to turn me into an idiot with their Narrative Hopium.

How many times will Democrats allow America’s CNNs to lie them into another crushing disappointment?

Remember how excited Democrats were in their certainty Trump colluded with Russia? And then Mueller Time! arrived and Robert Mueller…and…the left…crushed again.

Well, it was the same with the fake news that it was in any way legal to remove a presidential candidate from a state ballot. But that sure didn’t stop them from dealing out the hopium…

“Can the 14th Amendment be used to block Trump from 2024 ballots?” asked NPR, knowing full well it couldn’t.

“Could the 14th Amendment keep Trump off the ballot in 2024?” asked the far-left Washington Post, knowing full well it couldn’t.

“Can Trump be disqualified from the presidency over Jan. 6?” asked Reuters, knowing full well he couldn’t.

“Two conservative law professors contend Donald Trump is ineligible to run for president due to the 14th amendment,” CNN blared.

“Former judge J. Michael Luttig and constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe tell CNN…Donald Trump is ineligible to be president under the 14th Amendment,” CNN blared again.

“Prominent conservative legal scholars are increasingly raising a constitutional argument that 2024 Republican candidate Donald Trump should be barred from the presidency because of his actions to overturn the previous presidential election result,” CNN can’t stop, won’t stop.

“Why the 14th Amendment could boot Trump from ballots,” blared MSNBC.

“Why this new effort to bar Trump from office has a better shot,” MSNBC again.

“Conservative Case Emerges to Disqualify Trump for Role on Jan. 6,” reported the New York Times.

That’s a literal drop in the ocean. With a little effort, you can find hundreds of hours of cable news taking this seriously, hundreds of editorials from “prestigious” law professors…Pure madness sold to suckers.

I know the audience for the corporate media is shrinking everywhere. Still, politics aside, I don’t know how anyone can stand having their hopes serially dashed by these lying hopium dealers.

They all knew, you dummies. They all knew there was no way the Supreme Court would do all this. So, yes, they were all lying when they suggested this might be legal. They were lying to you to get you to watch, knowing you’re a gullible dummy addicted to their lies.

Look at this…

Man alive, you people are stupid.