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Watch: Group of Kids Return Wallet with $700 Inside

Three Colorado kids are now viral Internet sensations given their decision to do the right thing. According to a report from Philadelphia affiliate WPVI, 13-year-old Haylie Wenke, her 6-year-old brother Reagan and another friend found a wallet with $700 in a driveway outside


Voters in Colorado’s ‘Toss-Up’ Congressional District Not Engaged in Politics at the Moment

Two months before a bitterly contested Democratic primary and seven months ahead of the November general elections, voters in the city of 100,000 are paying “minimal” attention to the candidates vying to represent them and the other voters in the Sixth Congressional District in the House of Representatives when the 116th Congress convenes in Washington, DC, in January.

‘Gang of Goats’ Destroy Colorado Business

‘Gang of Goats’ Vandalize Colorado Business

A group of four-legged vandals that remain on the loose in one Colorado town as of Tuesday afternoon caused extensive damage to a business for about 30 minutes Monday, police said.