ABC Host: 'Black Helicopter' Crowd Only Ones Afraid Of Universal Background Checks

ABC Host: 'Black Helicopter' Crowd Only Ones Afraid Of Universal Background Checks

ROVE: It — it does make a difference. You — you — you find out if somebody can, or cannot purchase a gun. Right now I can go into a gun store in Texas to purchase a weapon. I have to go through a background check. They have to ascertain I don’t have a criminal record, and that I can purchase a gun. And — but what we’re talking about here is different than that. And — and why it’s different than that .and why it’s different than that is politics. There could be a lot of mutual agreement found on closing some of these so-called gun show loopholes. We could probably get agreement on a — a widespread basis of people saying, look you go to a gun show, you walk in, you get — you — you pass a check. You give — you get your little stub that allows you to purchase a weapon, and that’s it. But this goes far beyond that.

STEPHANOPOULOS: What’s the answer to that?

MESSINA: Look 40 percent of all gun sales currently don’t go through background checks. The background checks have stopped two million people from — from getting guns they should not get. But we know there are loopholes all over the place. And Karl, just saying no, what the NRA and your party is doing right now, isn’t moving us forward.

ROVE: Let — let’s be clear about this, this was prompted by the Sandy Hook murders. Those guns were legally purchased with a background check. This would not have solved something like that. Let’s be very careful about quickly trampling on the rights of people who — and look, you want to get something done? Then stop scaring people. Don’t say we’re going to keep a registry of all of these guns, and let’s stop making it so impractical —

MORAN: Stop scaring people? You’re scaring people with this Orwellian sense that black helicopters and the government, if we register guns, they’re going to confiscate Americans guns. That kind of paranoia fuels…

ROVE: With all due respect, it is not paranoia.

MORAN: Who is going to confiscate all of the guns in America?

ROVE: People have a fear of this. Why do it? Why do you need it?

MORAN: Lots of things are registered in the United States of America because they’re dangerous —

ROVE: Yeah, but do we register books? Do we register other things that are constitutionally protected?

MORAN: No we don’t. The result of this is that the only votes really that have been taken since Newtown have weakened gun control in America. Some of those votes the Senate took last week to prevent the Justice Department, for example from taking a look at gun shop owners inventory to make sure there haven’t been thefts, voted down by Republicans.