Robert Graham Takes on Democrat 'Fairy Tales'

Robert Graham Takes on Democrat 'Fairy Tales'

When Robert Graham took over as the Chairman of the Arizona State Republican Party one year ago, they had 17,000 email contacts. Due to his pioneering efforts in using technology and social media outreach, that number stands at over 1 million today.

Graham is determined to do more than pay lip service to outreach efforts saying, “it has to be authentic, and it has to happen.” Under his stewardship, the State Republican Party is crafting strategies to target and evangelize to all Arizonans, whether they’re conservatives, or one-issue voters.

Regarding previous outreach and engagement efforts he says, “we talk a lot about it, as the Republican Party, but we don’t do it.” The key, he says is “simply knowing who the voters are, understanding what really moves them and will compel them to vote, and then communicating with them in a way that’s meaningful to them. Once you’ve done that it brings people on. It engages them in a way that is real.”

State Party Chairs across the country are beginning to take notice of the results Graham is bring to his State Party, as they start to see a “conversion of momentum in our state, and we’re starting to see the apathy go away, and the momentum start in a real way in Arizona.”

Of particular focus to Graham are minority communities, where they have a strong presence. “Even our Democrat friends and the fairy tales they tell about being out there with the minority groups, we can tell you, they’re not there, and the Republican Party is there.”

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